Rise from the grave! (include pics)

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    Raga rises!

    Rise from your grave, Raga! Rise!

    Yes, after going missing for nearly a year, I am back! Though I wonder… is anyone still on this board? I can only but wonder… Anyway! I am back with a new topic and new sketches/drawings for those who are interested in such things! I remember that many liked those sketches and well, I am hoping they’ll enjoy the new sketches!


    For those not familiar with me, I’m a writer who also lapse into spriting and game development as a hobby. And well, I happen to like A Wizard’s Lizard quite a bit and make art (and stories revolving around it) quite a bit.

    For my first contribution in years… I decided to draw the elements of the game that were not in the initial release of the game, with the main theme of the sketches being pictures for a theorical manual, each sketch representing a mechanic/element of the concept.

    Manual 1
    Manual 2

    As the last of the living lizardmen (if only by accident due to a certain potion his master spilled on him in the past) and being expressely on a quest to defeat Death, Raga may call upon the spiritual energies that saturate Death’s domain. Of course, being a pet with only mediocre skills and knowledge in magic he scribbled from his master, he require focuses to actually call upon those powers ; through the use of crystalized spectral energy (Soul Orbs), he may channel the sadness, anger, and desire for justice of the spirits that were wrong by Death, unleashing a purifying blast that will drive away evil specters and Death’s minions while protecting him from physical harm.

    Meanwhile, the use of ancient totems once used by the now extinct lizardman civilization may allow him to call directly the spirits for aid, allowing them to use magical powers to help him. The effect the spirits will bestow upon him vary on the totem used. Unfortunately, due to Raga’s mediocre magical skills, calling upon those powers is taxing on his mind ; he may only use the totems for brief moments at a time else he would risk exhausting or injuring himself, which would have lethal consequences within Death’s domain.

    Manual 3

    Death’s citadel, the great Crypt, was built on top of the ruined capital of the world’s greatest civilization from before Death’s rise and as such, the lands surrounding the Crypt as well as the citadel itself are filled with the treasures, relics, and artifacts of its doomed inhabitants as well as the equipment and possessions of the unfortunate who tried to flee the doomed capital only to be caught by Death’s minions. Likewise, Raga may find items left behind by adventurers who attempted to fight Death before him (and failed).

    Raga should however be aware of monsters that disguise themselves as treasure boxes for he is crunchy and taste good with ketchup. Hmmmm! Boiled lizard tail in hot sauce ribs saute!

    Manual 4

    Don’t be sad Raga! If you get hurt, you can always find food and medecine stashed all over the place! Sure, Death’s minions stashed them all over the place for their own use but hey, finders keepers right? Still, our reptile hero should keep in mind that while food will give him a neat boost of energy if he’s feeling weak, it won’t help much with major injuries and medecine, on top of being foul-tasting, is not something you will find commonly in Death’s domain…

    Manual 5

    Of course, as brave as Raga might be, determined to save his beloved master despite being scared out of his wits and going up against freakin’ Death, the sad truth is that being brave does not entitle him to succeed in his journey unlike what movies may make one think and well, though the story of a cute lizard saving his master from impossible odds would be a touching story, we all know that this is the most likely end to his journey ; he’s just a cute pet lizard after all.

    Manual 6

    Thankfully, Raga’s love and desire to see his master rescued is strong enough for him to cling to the mortal plane even should his earthly existence come to an end, giving him a second shot at his journey… though with the loss of his flesh, he will be exposed to the many, many, MANY vengeful spirits that inhabit his world. True, many of them are remnants of Death’s victims and aren’t all enemies he just killed but well, having been driven mad by their cursed existence within Death’s domain, they’ll take out their anger on him anyway.

    Manual 7

    Unfortunately for Raga, he should be aware that the anwser to the question “can what is already dead be killed again” is yes ; should his spirit essence be mangled by Death’s minions or the many vengeful specters that inhabit his world, Death will claim his soul, ending his quest in a definitive manner.

    Well, that was a drag. Sure, Raga didn’t do much to help with the whole ‘wizard kidnapped and town threatened by Death’ but he sure was exciting to have around while it lasted. Oh well, that story didn’t end too well didn’t it? How about I tell you about the story of that weird warrior with the horned helmet instead? You see, there is that new fancy arena that opened up and that whole “Onslaught” tournament that the new-fangled young’ uns are talking about that-

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    Yay welcome back @Mew !!!

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    HECK YES!!!

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    Welcome back!! You and your drawings were missed :)

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    And I am glad to be back! I’m really glad you’re happy for my return!

    And well, as usual, I’m tend to sketch and draw a lot. To say the truth, though I do enjoy drawing cute-styled characters, I’ve always held back on the surreality of my sketches ; my big strength is largely in designing alien monsters and environments, places that seems out of time, out of space. And well, figured I’d draw a bit of that…

    So what kind of looks would I give the setting if I did not care about trying to be true to the games? What situations would Raga run into that he never would, in the real things? Well…

    The breach

    As one grow closer to Death’s throne, the barrier between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead become thinner, larges gashes into the very mortal plane becoming more frequent as one get closer to the great gate between what is and what once was. Within the sewers, Raga finds a large wound in the fabric of reality and for a moment, gazes into the realm of the dead…


    What lies under the cloak, behind the skull-shaped mask of the angel of death? What faces does Death Himself have? There are things mortal eyes are not meant to ever witness. The sight of the cloaked skeleton is already a primal fear for mortals. To those who wonder what lies behind the empty eye sockets, it is they who are the most foolish for behind the voids that form Death’s eye sockets, something gazes at life, something vile and unfit for the world, never meant to interact with anything mortal.

    No soul alive should ever see what really lies under the cloak and under the skull mask of Death.

    Of course, I don’t plan to draw much of the above too much (unless there is demand for it) ; it was a mad rush of inspiration that came to me while multi-tasking. And well, I do plan to resume sketching out both humorous mini-comics and continuing the comic of the game’s storyline I was making.

    Still, thought I’d share that!

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