Lostcast 97: Word Skirmish

  • Tiger Hat

    Really liked the new ideas about character behaviour - sounds like you will be saving yourself a ton of work while also making the game more cohesive.

    I had a thought about healers - if they are the last ones left and they can’t attack you then it feels shitty to go and slaughter them! So, in the same code that detects whether there are any goblins that need healing or not (and modify the healers follow/avoid behaviour accordingly), you could also detect if they are the last ones left. If so, they switch behaviours to run straight at you, without warning, and melee attack continuously for one hit point every second. In my mind this would be like stereotypical girls fighting, with flailing hands doing practically nothing! As they are now doing damage to you it’s fine to cut them down and complete the level!

    Or you could just have them run away continously.

  • LDG

    That’s pretty much the behavior I tried, which ended up being more complicated than I wanted it to be. When there are no hurt goblins to heal, I considered just removing the assist/healer systems and letting the healer goblin do its surround/attacker thing, but goblins might be queued up to spawn, or they might get resurrected by the necromancer. Lots to consider!

  • Patron

    A goblin obviously looks like this when enraged:

  • Patron

    Oh, hey, I had an idea for Geoff’s prototype!

    Maybe the tavern could be a hangout hub for retired adventurers/soldiers.

    Then you go in there and start to talk with them. When they start to tell you stories about their adventures is where the gameplay begins.

    So, each “campaign” in the game would be a flashback of their story.

    Maybe the dialogue could be procedurally generated. And then the
    campaigns would be generated based on the dialogue…

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