AWL 2.1.3 Beta Feedback

  • LDG

    Cross-post from Steam

    We’ve pushed a new version of AWL to the beta channel on Steam. This new version includes mostly bug fixes and optimizations.

    If anyone has a chance to kick the tires we’d love to hear your feedback!

    Here are the patch notes:


    • Fix crash related to entity/pawn optimizations
    • Fix bug in boomerang script


    • Improve gamepad analog controls
    • Improve dash cancellation (only cancel dashing when control direction >= 90 degrees)
    • Several rendering/performance optimizations
    • Fix collision bug with player weapons and Warlord Totem
    • Update Great Owl statue in the museum with new graphic
    • Remove ability to hide menu via UI toggle
    • Make UI toggle persist instead of while-held-down
    • Prevent boss intro from freezing game when UI hidden
    • Remove blue light from blue candle
    • Fix bug where complete trickster set can freeze game

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