Ragatron supports both Wizard's Lizard and Lava Blade!

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    You can get it at the new Ragatron web site:


    For those that don’t know, Ragatron is an unofficial hacking/modding tool I wrote for A Wizard’s Lizard. It unpacks the game, allows changing the sprite images, applies desired cheats, and then repacks all the changes for you to play the game. I wrote this hacking tool because I was not skilled enough to beat the game legitimately. I then decided to clean it up and formally publish it. Only the latest Humble store version is supported.

    With that, I’ve said it a bunch of times here, but Lava Blade is a decent game that deserves respect. Therefore, I decided to spend yesterday updating the hacking tool to support my favorite game from LDG. Ragatron now has full Lava Blade support!

    Supported Lava Blade hacks:
    -Healing at camp costs 1 gold
    -Lars has extra movement
    -Luna has extra attack
    -Seraph has extra health
    -Sobek has extra magic
    -Blitz has extra movement, attack, and health
    -Earn more gold.
    -Expose Developer Tools

    Supported A Wizard’s Lizard hacks are still the same:
    -Start with 1 million gold
    -Start with 5,000 health
    -Start with 5,000 soul orbs
    -Fast Soul Orb Cooldown
    -Fast Dash Cooldown
    -Fast Totem Cooldown
    -Fast Skyrocket
    -Quad Spear
    -Expose Developer Tools

    Hope everybody enjoys this tool and revisiting good ole Lava Blade.

  • LDG

    haha this is so cool and has the best domain ever! Makes me wanna whip out Lava Blade on my PC…

  • Tiger Hat

    Coming soon - Ragatron for Mac!

    I hope!

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    Ragatron made the game fresh again for me. I actually toned down some of the hacks because I didn’t want to waltz through the game too quickly. Lava Blade’s content is a bit limited.

  • LDG

    Very cool, @dannagle! Gonna give this a try with Lava Blade ASAP.

    The developer tools option reminds me that I wanted to expose that all users in the regular builds as well. Would probably be useful for debugging and error reporting.

    Lava Blade’s content is definitely limited. and alongside the lack of combat depth, it’s something I want to improve for my next foray into tactical games. My current prototype is focused on those two aspects: replay and combat mechanics.

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    @cheersphilip said:

    Coming soon - Ragatron for Mac!

    Actually, Mac would have been easier than Windows. @geoffb and @richtaur did not compress and binary-join their game files on Mac like they did in Windows. The files are there in the open if you know where to look. As to why no compression on Mac? My guess it is because the Node-Webkit distribution package does not have built-in support for that on Mac like it does on Windows, and they simply did not feel like fiddling with it.

    To support Windows, I am actually bundling a lightweight zip library to be able to decompress / compress their files and then binary join them back. That would not be needed on Mac. For now, I have the Mac support sectioned off and ready to code when I have more time. It is still not all pure ease though. Mac apps still have a weird format to them.

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