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  • Let me first say that even though I don’t seem to be active on this forum, I am still lurking regularly throughout the day. In other words, you can always use sourdough to summon me from lurkville.

    So based on that final picture, your sourdough starter either (a) didn’t start bubbling before you put it in the fridge, or (b) was bubbling before going into the fridge and you aren’t feeding it enough now.

    So the main question is, did the starter start bubbling before you put it in the fridge?
    If not, then that means the yeast and bacteria still need to take their stronghold. I may be talking out of my butt, but I suspect that if the yeast is still working on becoming dominant in the starter and you add more flour and water, then the yeast has a lot more work to do in order to be the strong kid on the block.
    So try reducing the feedings to once a day or every other day.

    If the starter was bubbly before putting it in the fridge (see image of my current starter below), then reduce feedings to once a day, but up the amount of flour/water you feed it (being more heavy on the flour). If container space is an issue, I believe some people would actually remove half of the starter, and replace that with flour/water. And you could always use the removed portion to make pancakes.

    That is kind of a rushed mind dump, so if anything is confusing, it’s probably because of me :P. Let me know if you have any additional questions. Also, once you get it going good and make bread semi-regularly, you’ll learn to always have too much flour at home :)

    Sourdough Starter

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    Excellent, this is really helpful! We did not get any bubbling before we had to fridge it. We bought a BIG bag of “flour” but we’re idiots so it was actually a bread mix, not pure flour, unusable for this purpose. Will definitely keep loads of flour on hand.

    Just this morning it started to bubble a little (like a half-dozen little circles in it). I’ll reduce feeding to once/day, and post an update tomorra!

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    Your informative posts have caught my interest in crafting my own loaf of splendid sourdough. Any suggestions on where to begin?

  • Hi @Elite ,

    I followed the instructions linked to below. It’s basically mix potato water (the water leftover from boiling potatoes), flour, honey and/or sugar, then let sit covered with something to keep the bugs and dust out and hope that the yeast and lacto-stuff takes over.

    It’s a lot of fun, and if you start to actually get disciplined and experiment, you make sweet bread like this one:


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    Thanks! I’ll be sure to share results once I have some time to make some!

  • By the way. I’ve started feeding my starter equal weights water and flour, and I think I’ve noticed better results.

    /CC @richtaur

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