The Sourdough Starter Thread

  • As some of you know, I’m making a Sourdough starter so that I can make some homemade bread :D. I’m making a new thread because I’m interested enough in sharing to the point where I’m afraid I’d hijack the “Something you just did thread”.

    So a few notes: First, at least one person refers to Sourdough starters as a “mother”, and I’m going with that because it makes for some interesting sentences (I gotta get mother out of the fridge and feed her so that I can make bread). Second, here’s a list of events to catch everyone up. Third, this story is actually a Lost Decade Games Forum Exclusive! Mostly because I’m to lazy to share it elsewhere ;)

    • Day 1 (Monday) Created a mother (referred to as “Mother A”) following these instructions
    • Day 2-3: Mother A developed bubbles and was growing well over the following 2 days :)
    • Day 4: DISASTER! Mother A started to develop some small surface mold patches. Removed the mold, then put a cup of that Mother A into two new containers, with a healthy feeding of water and flour. Thus was the death of Mother A and birth of Mother B and Mother C

    Now today (Day 5)
    I fed both Mothers B and C this morning, to help them recover from Day 4, and I did something different for both. When you feed a mother, you add water and flour, and when the mother becomes active the entire mother can double in size. Since there’s not that much room in my containers, I removed have of Mother C before feeding her. I also put a plate under Mother B unless she overflows.

    Currently Mother B is looking like random pictures of healthy mothers, thinking I’m going to make sourdough bread tomorrow :) Mother C is looking like Mother A on day 2, has some large bubbles but has a ways to go yet.

    Future posts will be shorter, but until then, PICTURES!

    Mother B on Day 5
    A very healthy Mother B on Day 5

    Mother C on Day 5
    A healthy enough Mother C on Day 5


  • LDG

    I don’t have anything to add, but I hope your Sourdough Story continues. To bread!

  • And it does continue! No pictures for this update though, because of that lazy thing I mentioned before :P

    Anyways, after waking up at the super-early-on-a-Saturday time of 11am, I used Mother B in this sourdough bread recipie and have a big ol’ ball of dough slowly rising in a glass bowl.

    Funny story with the glass bowl. I actually started in a metal bowl, because I have broken 1 or 2 smaller glass bowls while cleaning dishes (they’re just so darn slippery and the only dishwasher I have are my two hands). While doing some cleanup, I was watching another video by the original sourdough bread video guy, and he nonchalantly mentioned: “I’m doing this in a metal bowl, which actually isn’t a problem with sweet breads. If you were doing this with a more acidic bread, like sourdough, this can be bad.”

    :-| … <sarcasm>Well good thing that’s stated in the sourdough video</sarcasm> (it might be in there, but I wasn’t paying attention as hard as I should have been). So I cleaned the nearest and biggest glass bowl I could find and transferred it.

    Anyways, both Mother B is doing great, Mother C needs some more food (ran out of flour), and around 8 pm, I get to punch the risen dough and slap it into a bread pan to let it rise longer… :-|

  • Awesome update! I punched the dough, which caused it to make a very immature noise (heh XD). It was the smoothest dough I’ve ever handled, like seriously, it feels professional or something!

    Anyways, it’s in a bread pan and will rise for a few more hours (late night). Pic!

    Awesome homemade sourdough

  • This is pretty crazy guys, I think I just made bread!


  • LDG

    YUM! Looks totally legit. How will you consume it?!

  • Patron

    The official LDG salivation thread ™

  • So my wife, Val, and I sampled the bread, spreading some butter and adding a little salt on a slice. With the understand that this most likely was the first time I’ve ever had sourdough bread, it was pretty good. The sourness, which was ironically not expected, wasn’t too bad. Val said that it was quite a bit less sour compared to other sourdoughs she’s had in the past.

    @richtaur said:

    YUM! Looks totally legit. How will you consume it?!

    We’re thinking of making some reubens with it. Sure it’s not rye bread, but it’ll still be good :)


    I made pancakes (recipe). Easiest pancake recipe ever, each pancake looked perfect, and man did those pancakes soak up syrup. Also, didn’t taste sour at all.

    Something interesting I’ve learned from both of these recipes is that there’s less effort needed in mixing the ingredients, specifically in working out lumps. I think the Yeast and other bacteria takes care of that :D

    Sourdough Pancakes

    Next on my list, Making a Sourdough loaf with homemade bean flour (exactly what it sounds like, dry beans ground to a powder)!

  • Tiger Hat

    I am way more excited about this thread than I should be. I’ve been wanting to get a sourdough starter for a while now. @richtaur and I barely ever buy any bread other than sourdough, so it’d be great to make our own.

    EDIT: I did some research and got a starter started! We’ll see how this goes.

  • LDG

    @Faison your thread has created a starter in our apartment! “I"m feeding it right now” …!

  • @andraconda said:

    EDIT: I did some research and got a starter started! We’ll see how this goes.

    @richtaur said:

    your thread has created a starter in our apartment! “I"m feeding it right now” …!

    Awesome, good luck! Now we just have to get @geoffb to make a starter, then LDG can stand for Lost Decade… Gluton…? :\

  • Tiger Hat

    Looks pretty good so far. I’m getting liquid forming at the top of the starter between feedings, which the guide I’m using tells me means we might have sourdough with a more sour flavor.

    I’m looking forward to having some of those pancakes when it outgrows the bowl!

  • Update on the bean flour sourdough bread: Grinding beans with a food mill is arduous, mixing the coarse-ish bean flour with runny starter caused it to seize up like crazy. After 8 hours of “rising” later, it was a brick. That’s going into the compost pile >_<

  • A quick tip: Put your starter in the fridge if you aren’t going to be able to feed it 12-24 hours after it’s last feeding. Mother C started to crust over and develop a healthy layer of black, fuzzy, hard-to-see mold. But Mother B is in the fridge looking all weird and sort of separated (like starters in a fridge look).

  • Penguin

    @richtaur couldn’t remember what this was called when you were here

    Not quite about the sourdough thread but I didn’t know where else to put it.

  • LDG

    iiiiinteresting! I didn’t know it had a name…

    It’s pretty related, I think, cuz it seems like that happens to bread as well. If I’m understanding correctly, that delicious golden brown crust atop the sourdough bread is the The Maillard Reaction doing its thing. Learning about food is fun :)

  • So I had Sourdough French Toast at a hotel in Salt Lake City… I know what I’m making with my next Sourdough Loaf!

  • So, my Starter was in the fridge for a week and a couple of days. Took it out last night, in my 64 degree house, and gave it a feed. This morning it was properly bubbly.

    Also, normally I am successful making a recipe the first time, and then fail all other times. But I made Sourdough Pancakes again :D

  • A sad end to my first starter: I found a dead fly in it (which I’m not sure how it got in because there was barely an opening). Everything my wife googled said give up on it, because flies carry all sorts of badness. So like a dead goldfish, my starter was flushed :(

    Will have to start a new one soon, I want to eat sourdough french toast!

  • LDG

    Oh no :( Yeah ours got all moldy, had to pitch it. I shoulda nabbed a photo, it was pretty gross…

  • @richtaur said:

    Oh no :( Yeah ours got all moldy, had to pitch it. I shoulda nabbed a photo, it was pretty gross…

    Dang, that’s rough. Are you two starting a new one?

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