AWL Patch Notes

  • LDG

    2.5.2 - 2015-10-15

    • Bugfix: Prevent potential crash in damage calculations
    • Bugfix: Prevent mouse input crash on systems with touch input suppport

    2.5.1 - 2015-10-07

    • Bugfix: Allow the Gelatinous Cube to be spawned when the Feather of Flying is equipped
    • Bugfix: Prevent crash when interacting with a locked door which doesn’t have a key (e.g. Sewer shortcut in town)
    • Bugfix: Prevent too few special rooms from spawning in the Forest

    2.5.0 - 2015-09-09

    • AWL2 Kickstarter CTA on Title screen
    • Locked chests and doors now describe the key required when interacting
    • Improved dungeon layouts: More interesting room connections, and later floors are smaller, in general
    • Certain special rooms are now zone wide. For example, the blueprint vendor in the Cemetery can appear on any floor
    • New room types which may contain rewards or danger!
    • Pentacles appear on every floor
    • Shops are now randomized such that each shop has a chance to sell either items or health, or offer gambling
    • Gambling shops are now staffed by killable merchants
    • The Feather of Flying can now be found in chests and shops
    • Removed the Feather of Flying from Luna’s unlock quest
    • The “merchant” in Amberfall now sells one of many different items, cheap!
    • Improved AI for Hive Totem bees and Soul Call dragon familiar (Monsters are prioritized over barrels and immune targets are ignored)
    • Buffed Soul Call dragon familiar’s damage output
    • Allow gamepad analog input to scroll achievements list
    • Slightly reduced drop rate of fruit in the Cemetery
    • Updated frameworks for performance/stability

    2.4.0 - 2015-05-14

    • A whole bunch of new achievements! (Previously unlocked characters will award achievements retroactively)
    • Revamp achievements UI
    • Arrow Traps now emit light and are easier to spot in dark rooms
    • Reduced price of Killer Bees weapon
    • Fix Merchant Murderer achievement
    • Pause the game simulation while a text dialog is displayed

    2.3.2 - 2015-04-22

    • Fix Mausoleum challenge which was broken due to explosion changes in 2.3.1

    2.3.1 - 2015-04-20

    • New Challenge: Genowlcide
    • Improve explosion hitboxes and reduce explosion damage over time
    • Fix gamepad detection
    • Fix stat calculations from items when transitioning from alive<->dead
    • Fix item counts for non-stackable items when transitioning from alive<->dead
    • Fix touch events overriding mouse events on hybrid tablets
    • Fix bug with Soul Rush ending immediately when used next to a destructible solid e.g. barrels

    2.3.0 - 2015-04-01

    • New Challenge: Hell’s Barrels
    • Increase health restored for most healing items
    • Reduced cost per hitpoint healed for healing items
    • Prevent collection of health restoration items if the player is at full health
    • Increase health drops in the Cemetery
    • Remove treasure drops from farmable monsters (zombies and skeletons)
    • Increase treasure drops from more difficult monsters
    • Rename Trickster gear to Deminion gear and make descriptions more informative
    • Deminion Axe now gains a bounce bonus like other axes
    • New, more noticable graphics for Arrow Traps
    • Reduce Arrow Trap and Spike Trap detection radius
    • Reset Senso-spikes on room enter to prevent cheap damage
    • Wall traps can no longer be placed in the corners of a room
    • Muck Monsters no longer prevent doors from opening when inactive
    • Merchants now provide info on their items for sale
    • Merchant in town now details which zones still contain blueprints
    • Fix bug causing players to not receive credit for kills with totems or explosions
    • Fix crash where the player exits a room shortly after taking damage
    • Listen for gamepad input on any connected gamepads
    • Bushes spawn a leaf upon death

    2.2.2 - 2015-03-02

    • Fix performance issues related to mouse input

    2.2.1 - 2015-02-02

    • Fix crash due to repeated input on the Challenge Mode list
    • Fix crash due to mouse input after the player has died
    • Fix crash related to activating mimics and reentering a room
    • Prevent player from placing totems or using soul powers while dashing (fixes a bug with the player being stuck afterwards)

    2.2.0 - 2015-01-30

    • Challenge Mode!
    • A new character to be unlocked
    • Add optional timer display to UI settings (disabled by default)
    • Two-way pause menu shortcuts (inventory, map)
    • Display all player equipment on playerSelect instead of just weapon and totem
    • Nerf zombie merchant’s boomerang
    • Improve arrowTrap detection
    • Fix crash related to triggering Soul Shield immediately after cooldown
    • Fix player stuck bug with dashing into an Ice Sphere
    • Fix a crash that would sometimes occur after dying


    • Fix crash related to entity/pawn optimizations
    • Fix bug in boomerang script


    • Improve gamepad analog controls
    • Improve dash cancellation (only cancel dashing when control direction >= 90 degrees)
    • Several rendering/performance optimizations
    • Fix collision bug with player weapons and Warlord Totem
    • Update Great Owl statue in the museum with new graphic
    • Remove ability to hide menu via UI toggle
    • Make UI toggle persist instead of while-held-down
    • Prevent boss intro from freezing game when UI hidden
    • Remove blue light from blue candle
    • Fix bug where complete trickster set can freeze game


    • Fix bug causing Trickster Axe and Trickster Daggers to not benefit from Trickster armor
    • Display Raga’s items on Player Select screen


    • New soul abilities: Soul Shield, Soul Call, Soul Rush, and Soul Warp
    • New totems: Warlord Totem, Hive Totem, Copycat Totem, Huntotem, Wave Totem, Assassin’s Totem
    • New weapons: Glaive, Owl Slayer, Trickster Daggers, Trickster Axe
    • New items: Ring of Ultimate Protection, Frozen Banana
    • New room: Mimic room
    • New setting to disable particle effects
    • New setting to disable lighting effects
    • Items carried when finishing the game are now tracked and displayed in the museum. Try to complete the game with each item!
    • Items found in chests and shops are de-duped. Players will never see the same item from a chest or shop in a given run.
    • Revamp boss reward room chests
    • Revamped puzzle rooms with hints outside the room
    • Extra characters now start with better equipment
    • Press select (gamepad) or V (keyboard) to hide game UI
    • Starting items per character are displayed on the player select screen
    • Charm counts are now displayed in the inventory
    • Blueprint shops now sell charms as well
    • New graphic for Great Owl
    • Poison Totem now shoots poisonous projectiles
    • Bugfix: Starting items for extra characters are now tracked immediately
    • Bugfix: Books and soul items are now displayed in the museum
    • Bugfix: Fix crashes related to area-of-effect totems such as the Ice Totem
    • Bugfix: Fix an issue which caused game data not to save correctly


    • Reset player cooldowns on room exit
    • Skyrocket explosions now hurt undead monsters
    • Totems no longer target cross-realm monsters
    • Fix Game Over gold display
    • General room layout fixes
    • General memory/performance improvements
    • General monster behavior improvements
    • Key binding configs for [ and ] to switch menus
    • Add keyboard support for inventory and map shortcuts
    • Place slimeKey in a goldChest
    • Improve Sapper behavior
    • Don’t let boomerangs collect weapons
    • Tweak Life Knife
    • Updated design for pentacle icon in mini-map
    • Remove empty room from Cemetery
    • Less harsh puzzle rooms in Crypt


    • Added Skyrocket weapon, Happy 4th!
    • Remove persistent health bars from minotaur, ogre


    • Fixes issues with the Ice Cube: Removed immunity to non-fire damage from Ice Cube and Ice Monsters, expanded room size


    • Fixed a bug which caused key bindings to reset each restart
    • Fixed a bug (for real this time) with the wizard’s equipment buffs stacking causing very low cooldown and high projectile count


    • The Wizard’s Ring is now equipped to finger instead of feet
    • Reduced pentacle charge time from 10s to 5s
    • Reduced delay on Mimic interact->attack (slightly!)
    • Moved extra boss loot (Health Potion and treasure) to the room containing the Gold Chest (fixes issues with Sewer Hag)
    • Hostages can no longer be killed
    • Added a regular shop to Sewer 1 to fix the Merchant count for Merchant Murderer achievement
    • Removed Soul Orbs from shops
    • Greatly improved Gambling Shop, removed terrible rewards, increased gold payouts, way more item variety
    • Removed piercing from Arthur’s Lance
    • Improve town Marketplace layout, items are now sorted by slot (weapon, head, chest, etc)
    • And a bunch of other small fixes/tweaks!


    • Buffed Soul Blast in various ways: Increased range, number of projectiles, reduced cooldown, reduced player stun duration
    • Consolidated various totem stats into Totem Power, which affects all aspects of totems
    • Buffs/tweaks to most totems, including more benefit per point of Totem Power
    • Charms can now affect many other stats besides totems, such as max health, weapon damage, and speed
    • Added a complete set of Dark Iron gear (used to be Lead) and removed speed penalty
    • Increased the amount of damage gained from attack buff items such as Spiked gear
    • Many other balance tweaks to various weapons and items
    • Increased delay when a Mimic is activated until it becomes hazardous to the player
    • Added option to disable screen shake (screen shake is enabled by default)
    • Fixed bug causing wizard fireballs to have too low of a cooldown in the Realm of the Dead
    • Fixed dungeon layout bug in Cemetery 2 causing Slime Key room to be missing
    • Fixed fullscreen settings bugs
    • Fixed boomerang cooldown and collision bugs
    • Fixed incorrect blueprint counts
    • Fixed bug where player could have < 0 health
    • Fixed flickering/corrupted text rendering

  • LDG

    Updated for 2.1.0.

  • LDG

    Updated for 2.1.1.

  • LDG

    Updated for 2.1.2 and 2.1.3.

  • LDG

    Updated for 2.2.0.

  • LDG

    Updated for 2.2.1.

  • LDG

    Updated for 2.2.2.

  • LDG

    Updated for 2.3.0.

  • LDG

    Updated for 2.3.1.

  • LDG

    Updated for 2.3.2.

  • LDG

    Updated for 2.4.0.

  • Patron

    Won’t you ever stop patching this game?


  • LDG

    @Josue Maybe if @richtaur didn’t write so many damn bugs…

  • Patron

    @geoffb said:

    (Previously unlocked characters will award achievements retroactively)

    Woah… this could be potentially troublesome…

    Unlocking a character while hacking AWL could trigger an achievement unlock on the Steam version, which could make Valve unhappy.

    Well, guess I’ll have to be extra careful about cleaning the localStorage before playing AWL.

  • LDG

    @Josue Yeah, that’s possible. I don’t think Valve would be able to tell the difference, though. And since it probably happens on such a small scale, they won’t notice/care.

  • LDG

    Updated for 2.5.0.

  • Jammer

    I can’t wait to play! Thanks guys!

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