AWL 2.0.14 now available on the Steam beta channel

  • LDG

    Greetings, gamers! A new update is available for testing on the Steam beta channel. This update includes:

    • Reset player cooldowns on room exit
    • Skyrocket explosions now hurt undead monsters
    • Totems no longer target cross-realm monsters
    • Fix Game Over gold display
    • General room layout fixes
    • General memory/performance improvements
    • General monster behavior improvements
    • Key binding configs for [ and ] to switch menus
    • Add keyboard support for inventory and map shortcuts
    • Place slimeKey in a goldChest
    • Improve Sapper behavior
    • Don’t let boomerangs collect weapons
    • Tweak Life Knife
    • Updated design for pentacle icon in mini-map
    • Remove empty room from Cemetery
    • Less harsh puzzle rooms in Crypt

    If you’d like to test the beta, here’s how (your save file will remain intact). If you have any feedback, please feel free to post it here.

    We’re continually investigating performance and crashing issues, and a major update (and sale) is just around the corner! Thanks for your support and happy gaming.

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