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    I am currently working on a game called Dark Life. I am using Javascript and HTML5 for its development. I am building my own engine because I think it is the best way to learn. I am asking is Javascript powerful for games or do I need to switch to another technology. I have heard that Javascript will have a bright future. So can you guys give me tips and how to get started

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    First, a disclaimer: I’m not a professional game dev, so, take my opinion with caution.

    @geoffb and @richtaur will probably have more “professional” opinions.

    I loooooooove Javascript. It’s a very powerful and specially flexible language. And in the HTML5 envirovement, you can very easily write, test and move on.

    Performance shouldn’t be a problem, except if you’re trying to make a huge 3D game or working with very modest/old hardware.

    Some of the problems regard distributing and dealing with cross-browser issues. Each browser has it’s own bugs and incompatibilities. If you’re aiming for making a game which works everywhere, that can be a nightmare.

    But I don’t think you need to switch platform, except if you’re making something terribly complex (which you probably shouldn’t, if you’re an indie) or want to quickly prototype 3D games.

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    I think JavaScript is a great language, and very expressive. It has some oddities, like any language. The real challenges with JavaScript development come with distribution. If you plan on making “app store” focused games for platforms like Steam, iOS or Android, you’re going to need to wrap your game with some kind of web container app. For example, on mobile, there is CocoonJS, PhoneGap, and other. For desktop, there’s node-webkit or Atom Shell. While each of these solutions can work, they often come with their own little quirks.

    I usually advocate that developers make games with what they know. The best platform is the one you know, because they all have little pitfalls and quirks.

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  • @PixelCuboid said:
    “is Javascript powerful for games or do I need to switch to another technology.”

    What do you want your game and game engine to do?

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