Lostcast 86

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    I just bricked my phone somehow, so, I’ve lost the notes I had for the last 4-6 episodes :(

    Therefore, I’ll be posing my thoughts as I remember them:

    • I think the approach Geoff decided to take is at least interesting.
      The thing that turns me off about turn-based/strategy games most of the times is resource management. I just hate it. Making each unit have several different abilities seems to me as the opposite of what it was in Lava Blade.
      Geoff talked kind of negatively about the combat simplicity in Lava Blade, but that was actually what I most liked about it. I hate having to manage items, wait for cooldowns, wait for mana and all of that stuff.
      Of course, the combat in Lava Blade didn’t have much depth, and that’s big issue. I’m just trying to say that complexity isn’t the answer. Adding more mechanics won’t solve the issue by themselves (as Totems and Soul Blasts have already proved).
      Well, I just wanted to tell you, as a representative of LDG’s action fanbase, to keep the combat dead simple!

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    I found all the Magic: The Gathering complaints fairly interesting. Not because I agreed with what was said, but because my brother is one of the lead designers for MTG: https://twitter.com/NorrYtt/

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    @dannagle very cool! I like that he’s into cooking, too.

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    @Josue Yeah, I’ll definitely be trying to keep it simple! Interesting comments about resource management, though. My prototype has more abilities per unit than Lava Blade, but I hope to keep it simple via the UI. There are no deep nested menus to traverse, and everything each unit can do is displayed right away. Cooldowns exists, but it’s important to me that there’s never a time where a unit has no actions available. To that end, the core abilities have no cooldown. Special/power attacks might have a couple rounds of cooldown.

    @dannagle Sweet! To be fair, I really like MtG. A lot of my complaints were centered around the online game experience rather than the core design. I do think the random mana issue is sort of a flaw, but I can certainly appreciate that others prefer that mechanic. And it’s easy to see how your deck’s land ratio makes deck construction more strategic.

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    @geoffb said:

    There are no deep nested menus to traverse, and everything each unit can do is displayed right away. Cooldowns exists, but it’s important to me that there’s never a time where a unit has no actions available.

    Oh, great! I was starting to get worried.

    Now I’m definitely getting interested into that…

    I think my main problem with most turn-based rpgs is that it ends up being a game about comparing items stats. It’s all about managing your abilities, your power ups, your potions…

    I don’t know, I just don’t like games with numbers for some reason.

    I like strategy games where positioning is all you have to care about.

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    Ahh… guys…

    There is a flaw in your plan for prototyping a new game concept…

    What if both of them are great?

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    In Geoff’s defense, he has the magic cards/deck at home and he’s tried to trick me numerous times to play with him. I refuse every time.

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    @geoffb No need to back-track. Nobody likes getting too much or too little mana. It is a valid complaint. I’ve never played online magic, so I can’t comment there.

    My brother played MtG non-stop for a decade, and then Wizards of the Coast hired him after their Great Designer Search campaign near the end of 2006. Within a few years, he was leading the designs for entire sets. I’m happy he found a job really enjoys and seems to be good at.

    I helped program a 3D engine he used to announce the launch of Worldwake:

    Here is a tech demo I made of the engine itself during my development:

    That was a pile of work.

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    @Josue said:

    What if both of them are great?

    Easy, we’ll make them both!

  • Hey Guys,

    Just listened to episode 86 and it was great! When you were both talking about how randomness in games can make a game frustrating, it reminded me of a let’s play of some Japanese Mickey and Donald Duck game. Basically all of the bosses and mini bosses seemed to have their behaviour completely randomized which caused for minutes of waiting for the boss to perform the one action that allows a player to progress. You can see how fun that is here (Warning: there’s A LOG OF PROFANITY: http://youtu.be/Bw3sP6Y3tXk?t=17m30s)

    Any ways, great episode! Glad to be catching up now that I’ve gotten into the groove of being a remote web engineer :)


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