Any plans to make different Soul Gem abilities?

  • I was just thinking, right now there are a lot of weapons, and a fair number of totems, and gear to augment both of them, but there’s not really much you can do with soul gems to be interesting even if you feel like making a build for them! I think it’d be really interesting to make a bunch of things that aren’t just point-blank AoE attacks, like a fire one that lets Raga breathe out a cone of flames, or ones that provide temporary offensive or defensive buffs (I’d be really hesitant to propose a healing thing though since ammo for soul abilities is soooorta common at the moment.)

    Also gear that pushes players towards building a particular way would be really cool, perhaps even make unidentified gear that heavily benefits a certain build while actually weakening another (said gear could/should be cursed and require extra effort to remove, even!)

    Basically, more unique, interesting things would be very cool, and even something like making picking up items more mysterious and possibly risky would be cool! idk I’m a big fan of roguelike things where stuff like changing or picking up new gear can actually be a big risk.

  • LDG

    Thanks for the suggestion! We hope to do an update where the other unlockable characters get their own special abilities, such as Moto the werewolf doing an energy rush like the monster werewolves.

  • Oh, that actually sounds pretty awesome!

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