Treasure always at 1000?

  • Hey, everyone. Great game you have here. Love the look, and the catchy soundtrack is great.

    I noticed an issue I couldn’t find anyone else mentioning… on the Game Over screen, my “Treasure” rating is always 1000, no matter what I do. I have died with tens of thousands, and it’s still exactly 1000 every time.

    It’s not my starting gold, either, which is considerably above 1000.

    Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

  • LDG

    Welcome to the forum @bludwig! Sorry about the bug, could you post your version? It can be seen at the bottom of the title screen and should be something like v2.0.13. I ask because I believe that was fixed in a recent update. Thanks!

  • Current Steam version, 2.0.13.

  • I’m actually running the same version and have that issue as well!

  • LDG

    Found it, fixed it. Looks like I regressed this, sorry argh BAD PAST MATT!

  • Thank you so much! Great response time, and good work.

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