Bug/Exploit-Report V2.0.12

  • Huzzah, everyone! :D
    I kinda regret not joining the forum earlier and give my feedback/love for this awesome game :D

    While playing the new 2.0.12 release I noticed that the Dark Iron Set can easily be exploited:
    Whenever you get below 10HP and find a item with the same slot as one of your Dark Iron items, you can heal back up to 11 Health.
    Losing the +10MaximumHP puts you down to exactly 1HP and when you pick up the item again it gives you 1 + 10 Health … which is enough to let you survive 1-2 more hits from a lot of enemies in each new room.

    I know that you dont HAVE TO exploit this (cough unlike old bumerang cough :P ) but it´s still something that feels weird :d

  • LDG

    Welcome to the forum @Shujaa! Interesting bug, we may have to just remove the feature where your current health gets a boost when you pick up a health-max item. Kind of a nerf but easy fix! Thanks for the report :)

  • You could set it up to make the game remember current %HP remaining, so if you’re at full health and take it you still get the boost, and if you’re low life it’ll keep you relatively weak instead.

  • Please, please don’t “fix” this “bug”. This is a tiny exploit, which only gets you a few HP, and only when you’re below 10 HP, and only in the one room where you find the substitute item. Nerfing all HP-up items just to resolve this issue would be a terrible idea.

    In a game where health items are so rare, if health-up items didn’t come with the current-health bump, they’d be next to useless.

    As a rule, exploits should only be addressed if they are so exploitative that they ruin the fun of the game, or encourage un-fun player behavior by nature of. This tiny exploit isn’t doing any harm to the fun or challenge of the game. Please don’t address it.

  • I kinda thought about that … i guess fixing that would really just nerf those items to uselessness D:

  • LDG

    We won’t fix it :)

  • @Shujaa Yeah, I actually think the HP gear is sorta crappy anyway since a lot of it at best makes you be able to take 1 more hit, and that extra life is sort of tied up in being committed to wearing equipment that only offers that health and no other stats.

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