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  • I’m on a laptop (Aspire 5733Z, upgraded the RAM to 8gb) - it aint great, but it chugs along and ran even crappily-unoptimized Binding of Isaac with more or less no problems (in addition to a bunch of other games, obviously - I play games.)

    It runs this game pretty well! Until it doesn’t. Sewers, and even a few screens of Graveyard I’ve run into, are literally unplayable - two-second lag on every input, going along at 5 or 10 fps. This is my primary complaint, and a quick scan of the forum tells me I’m not the only one and I assume you’re working on it, so I"ll leave it as-is with this caveat: please make it a priority. You can add all the bells and whistles and awesome features in the world, but I won’t know about it because this problem is literally keeping me from playing at all. Can’t enjoy the game if I can’t play it.

    That said, the rest of the game (or at least, what I’ve experienced so far) deserves a legitimate review as well.

    I like the town system, buying blueprints and getting the chance to walk into the dungeon with some preparedness. I kind of wish I knew what I was paying for before I spent money on it, rather than having to spend the money then look at the description in the menu (which you’ve said you’re putting key shortcut in for, I know, so I won’t bother saying how necessary that sort of thing is. If you need a suggestion for a default key setting for it? Tab.) but I can’t blame you for not being outright better than BoI - they didn’t do it, so I don’t necessarily expect you to do it.

    I haven’t unlocked any other characters and I don’t know how I would be able to do so, but I like the fact that it’s even in the game in the first place.

    The totem and bomb mechanics: Useless. Entirely useless. I’ve never been able to effectively make use of either of them - their default damage, area of effect and the time it takes from key-press to effect renders it a wasted effort, even if you have a bunch of powerups that affect it - like I often tend to find. Having the totem book and various other totem-oriented powerups, it looked and felt exactly the same as the unpowered version. On that subject, all powerups seem to not have any visible effect. Except for the movement speed and attack speed powerups. I’ve had a couple ‘extra damage’ equipment items on, and it still took two hits to kill a zombie, just the same as it did with no buff at all. It’d be less of a problem if I saw floating damage numbers on hit - which I’d appreciate, even if the damage were apparent without them. Again, not something they had in vanilla BoI, but Spidermod made a drastic improvement with this option.

    Overall, it’s got promise. I’d be playing it right now. If I could play it.

    I’ll be keeping up to date on new patches and such and waiting until it’s fixed.

  • LDG

    Thanks for the feedback and really sorry about the serious performance issues. We’ve optimized AWL a little in the current beta, and we have some ideas we’ll try for future updates as well.

  • Tiger Hat

    I too was curious about the powerups. They didn’t seem to have any effect. I was wondering if I was supposed to equip them. (I haven’t played very long yet). Another suggestion I’d add is some sort of documentation / tutorial /etc. I play a lot of games, so generally I can “figure it out” but AWL does leave me a little in the dark.

  • @richtaur I appreciate it! Lemme know if there’s any playtesting or anything I can do to help out.

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