Lostcast 80

  • Tiger Hat

    congratulations guys!

    this week’s show has inspired me to make this image:


  • LDG

    The lizardy crunch is part of a balanced breakfast!

  • Tiger Hat

    @Warspawn - it should say ‘no purchase necessary’ for that free opinion :)

  • Patron

    • I think there was a lot more Matt in this roundtable.

    • I really wanted to like these roundtables, but I just can’t. Have seeing Lostcast evolve, I can’t enjoy that kind of techy talk as much as I did before.
      Also, Matt posted a picture of the recording where a tripod was shown, what makes me belive the handheld motion on the video is digital, what would also explain why it sucks. And I think some color grading would be also greatly beneficial.

    • I personally don’t hate watching me talk as nearly as much I hate watching me play, specially the flute.

    • I didn’t hear Matt’s voice crack.

    • All that talk about Matt’s drunkness made me think about how funny would a drunk Lostcast be…

    • 16:53 Well, so, I guess Geoff should go live with @T2norway.

    • I probably was born in the wrong country, as I don’t like hot weather that much.

    • SFX FTW!!!

    • So, regarding sales, the 100k hole where you were in is now a 30k deep hole? Related: How are you surviving? Contract jobs? The girls are sustaining you?

    • 45:49 I love that voice! Matt seriously should do voice acting for AWL 2 (he should be the lizard man).

    • 46:46 Yeah, no promotion except being Edmund freaking Mcmillen.

    • Where can I play that racing game you’ve done?

    • So, that song is unreleased meaning it is yet to be released, or that it was and probably is never going to be released?

    • Has any research been done to find the original Lostcast?

  • LDG

    We’re still scraping by. We can only lean on our ladies a tiny bit, and NONE of our incoming money has paid out yet. Related: can’t play the racing game because it’s still unpublished.
    hehe glad you like my voices! I think Geoff is not a fan ;)

  • The ending song made me think I downloaded a broken file! It’s the same song as the one in the beginning of Lostcast episode 1, so I thought my playlist looped back to the start haha

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