FPS Drop during the game

  • Hi guys, a new Italian (so, sorry if I make some mistakes) AWL Player here!

    First thing first; I love this game. I absolutely wanted to try The Binding of Isaac, but I can’t “because of” Linux and what happen? I discover a very good game, with similar mechanics and also for Linux users! That is great for me.

    I am really enjoying it, although I still have to practice a lot ehehe, but sometimes it happens that the FPS drops dramatically. Apparently without doing anything special and remain very low for the rest of the game.

    I am on the latest Ubuntu version and I am using only the Keyboard (without the Mouse) waiting that is solved the crash problem with the controller.

    I am on a i3 2,6 Ghz with a GeForce 450 GTS if this can help.

    Thanks for any replies :)

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that I run the Beta version on Steam!

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  • LDG

    Welcome to the forum @IWantYouBad! Sorry about your performance issues. We have some optimization ideas we’re going to try in a future update. More to come!

  • Thanks for the replay @richtaur !

    …Too young to die, too drunk to live…


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