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    I couldn’t find the search box so I am not sure if this has been posted before but after discovering that “No Man’s Sky” is based off a custom voxel engine, I was googling around and came across this:


    Has anyone had any experience with it - not so much as a minecraft clone but fleshing it out into something else?

    What other reading should I be doing on Voxels?


  • Patron

    Voxels? Novalogic’s Comanche (that FM synth, tho) comes in my mind.

    Someone ported the rendering engine into Javascript, so, you can take a look on that. The original Voxel Space engine was hand-written in assembly!

    Voxel.js isn’t really a voxel engine, as it converts the voxels into meshes instead of using ray-tracing, so, it’s just a “cube rendering engine”.

    It makes me sad how voxel turned into a generic term for “3D stuff made with cubes!”.

    Oh, Wikipedia’s article is also a great read.

  • Tiger Hat

    look up stuff about marching cubes

    and check this link text

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