Question about Gamepad controls

  • Hey, I’ve been playing this game fora few days now, and it’s pretty fun, although I think there are a lot of sorta wonky things about the controls at the moment. My biggest issue is that you can use mouse+keyboard controls to fire in any direction, but if you use a gamepad you’re stuck with significantly less precise 8-direction aiming, is there any plan to change this/make a toggle for gamepad users to fire in any direction with a second stick? Otherwise I’ll probably just stick to mouse+keyboard. Likewise, your menus could really benefit from any amount of mouse support so I don’t have to take me hand off of my mouse to use [] for navigation when I get a new item.

    Sorry if you guys have a special place for people to issue random complaints about your game and I missed it, I just saw other people using this forum and noticed that there seem to be responses from people that work on the game, so I decided to come here too!

  • LDG

    @Rixile You should be able to fire in 360 degrees using the right analog stick on your gamepad. If that’s not working for you let me know what gamepad and operating system you’re using.

    Mouse menu support seems to be requested a few time lately, so we’ll be taking a look at adding that. Glad to hear you’re having fun with the game, thanks for the feedback!

  • Actually, I did go back and try to use my gamepad again. The aiming still feels sort of weird and clunky but it is definitely not just 8-direction like I thought it was. I was using an incredibly old 360 controller which I think is why I believed it to be imprecise, so I’m just gonna try out a PS3 controller I have sitting around too and see how that goes.

    Thanks a lot for taking the time out to reply to me though, I can’t wait for the next big update to the game! :D

  • LDG

    @Rixile No problem! Let us know how the PS3 controller works out for you.

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