Steam keys

  • I bought your game on your main website before it was released on steam. Now it has been greenlit i want to get it on steam. Is there a way to get a steam key for it?

  • When you bought it on the website here you got a link for downloading it on the humble store page. Log in your humble account, go to your library select a wizards lizard and you should be able to claim your key on that page.

  • LDG

    There is some info about redeeming your Steam keys via Humble in A Wizard’s Lizard FAQ. If you have any problems, just let us know and we’ll help figure it out.

  • I bought the game a while ago so i’m not sure if i bought it via the humble page and if i did i might have not had a humble account. I tried to log in but it said i had no account on my email, so either i had not made an account or it was on an old email.

  • LDG

    You can also try the Humble Key Resender. Although, if you’re not sure which email you used that might not help.

    If you know what email you might have used I can look your order.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I checked the two that i think it is but they both said they don’t have that key

  • If i bought the game on your main site do you have to put in a humble store account log in or is it optional? if it was optional then i think i did not make an account.

  • LDG

    If you bought the game via our site then you bought it from Humble. However, creating a Humble account is optional. The would have sent your key to the email you used when redeeming your Humble purchase, but if you no longer have access to that email address then you probably won’t be able to access that. Let me check our sales data for your email address.

  • ok thank you, do you need to know my email?

  • LDG

    @demonca Nope, I seem to have found your order. Can you shoot me an email to from your current email address?

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