Suggestions for future updates (from a player)

  • Hi everyone,

    I would like to share my opinion to balance the game.
    By the way, I think few things are a bit too hardcore at the moment. I know some players like when it’s very difficult but for these ones, the posibility to choose a higher level difficulty would be fine I think.
    So I would reduce the game difficulty and / or buff hero:

    1. Items

    –> Buff effects

    • Spike items : +2 damage and not +1
    • Set effects: For example, if u have 4 items of the ranger set, you get a special bonus
    1. Totems

    –> Buff cooldown

    • Reduce cd by 5/10 seconds
    1. Sustainabilty of the hero

    –> Increase food drop %
    AND / OR
    –> increase by 10/20 hp starting HP
    AND / OR
    –> Regeneration of few hp when u change floor (for example 10hp)

    1. Bosses

    –> Reduce bosses HP
    –> Increase gold rewards from bosses (and eventually potions)
    –> Sewer Hag
    About the sewer boss (2-3), there are two types: one who shoot 2 missiles and the other only 1.
    *For the one who shoots double, it’s hard to dodge (actually too hard), and if u combine with the fact u don’t have a long range weapon, it’s kindda very super hardcore to win. So maybe reduce damage and/or size of the missile and/or speed attack.
    *When this 2nd boss shoots only 1 missile, it’s way easier (so don’t nerf for this one).
    –> Final Boss I haven’t had the chance yet to fight the final boss so I can’t share my opinion on this point ; )
    –> Improve the forest boss room

    1. Monsters

    –> Buff Maneater monster (cemetary)

    • Increase Speed attack (and reduce its damage or hp) cause this monster is kindda useless at the moment
      –> Nerf Mimic
    • Suggestion: when the mimic is revealed, it can’t move during 0,5 second (or 1 s.)
    • AND / OR increase gold / item rewards from mimics drops
    • AND / OR reduce mimics HP
      –> Ioi Eye
    • Preventing it from hitting when u don’t see it on your screen
      –> General issue for all monsters
    • Preventing them from dealing damage when they are frozen (ex: with ice totem)
    • Make them vulnerable to the poison traps in the sewers (2-X)
    • Immune Muck monsters and Green slimes to poison
    • Make ghosts vulnerable to explosions (I don’t know if it’s on purpose or a bug atm)
    1. Traps

    –> Spikes

    • Reduce a little damage from spike trap eventually. I kindda never get caught by this one but when there is wind, I may be touched twice that deal 2x20 damage at the moment. It’s quite a lot.
      –> Moving trap (with a “+” shape) I don’t know the name of this trap. It moves in straight lines and detect you and u are at 3.5 squares.
    • nerf damage from 10 to 5
      AND / OR
    • possibilty to destroy it
      AND / OR
    • it is destroyed after hitting you
      AND / OR
    • reduce it’s range cause at the moment, it may hits you when you when you don’t have time to see it from bottom or top of the screen.
      AND / OR
    • change its color for the 3-X cause the ground is grey and this trap is grey… so hard to see x)
    1. General things

    –> Add secret rooms with gold or monsters. The light is completly off in those rooms (except from lantern / torches in the corners and a small space around the hero). Consequently, the lantern will have a purpose (it is useless at the moment except from cosmetic)
    –> Add a villager to save in 2-1 (they are currently in 1-3 and 2-2)
    The 2-1 floor is at the moment a labyrinth if u don’t have the map or the compass so it’s bad for new players not giving any reward for that.
    –> Add a chance to find gold chest in current chest locations
    –> Add a misterious merchant on random locations (with a low % chance of spawning) that sell with a high discount and which, is not indicated on the map.
    –> Add a Rampage bar that “push” the player to chain to monsters.
    Then, the hero can gain random temporary buffs (like shield protection which, prevents next enemy hit) (bonus dmg / bonus speed / bonus att speed / etc). I think it is an important point for a future update because it will make the game way more dynamic.
    –> Add an option to reduce zoom

    Even if only few ideas are picked for a future update that would be great. I just listed points where I think a review is necessary to improve the player impression from my game experience. Same topic on steam forums:

    Thanks for reading,
    By the way I am not a native english speaker so don’t mind me if u see grammar mistakes.

  • LDG

    Hi @Darmky, welcome to the forum! I’ve got good news: many of these issues will be addressed in some updates coming soon. For the other ideas, I’m taking notes and listening! We’ll see what we can do. Really appreciate the feedback:)

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