Keyboard Controls?

  • So I bought this game a few months back, and I’ve been waiting patiently since then for basic keyboard configuration to be implemented. I don’t have a gamepad and the default keyboard controls are unusable to me. Are there still plans to allow people to configure their keys, or should I give up on ever playing this game?

  • Tiger Hat

    @abdulmuhsee You can configure the key bindings in the latest update.

  • LDG

    @abdulmuhsee As @Elite said, you can customize the keyboard controls in the latest version of the game. If you’re running the 2.0.x version of the game, you can go into the settings and select the Key Bindings option. If you purchased the game via Humble, you should be able to head to your Humble Library and download the latest builds.

  • Great; thanks guys! Time to finally play this thing!

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