This game is awesome! But...

  • Hi, just bought this game today through Humble Bundle store and am greatly enjoying it.

    Unfortunately, I’ve run into a rather serious bug. I’m playing on the Mac version 2.0.7, and am encountering problems during level transitions. Sometimes, it will work properly and show the [level name] complete message, and I can press space to move on. More frequently, though, I get nothing but a black screen. The music plays, but that’s all that happens. None of the keys seem to do anything, and I have to go to file->quit to get out of the game. As you might guess, this is rather frustrating, and I have no idea what to do aside from waiting for it to be fixed in a future update.

  • LDG

    @BlueGlass We’ve fixed this issue and will be rolling out the new version to Humble later today! Sorry for the bugs, I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the game overall.

  • Thanks for the quick response. I’ll be sure to check for the update.

  • I have to reiterate: wow this game is awesome. And challenging. I finally made it to the Crypt for the first time about an hour ago, after discovering just how useful Poseidon’s trident + multi shot ring is on Sewer Hag.

    Also, something that I’m curious if it’s a change or a bug, but the bosses only use one of their attacks in each fight. Zombie Warlord, aside from summoning waves of zombies, will exclusively use the slow extending spinning attack, the faster spinning attack, or the spike-ball-throwing attack repeatedly throughout the entire fight. Sewer Hag only fires her shots in sets of two or sets or three and only summons one kind of mushroom (poisonous seems more common than exploding). The wiki lists different patterns, so I’m wondering if this was intentional or another Mac version issue.

  • Tiger Hat

    Hey @BlueGlass, changes to the patterns were very recent, quite close to release actually and believe it or not yes Zombie Warlord did go between their two patterns previously in the same fight. One to add to your Sewer Hag pattern (unless they took it out very very recently) is the Sewer Hag also has a just one projectile attack pattern too.

    The wiki’s not too old, but given how quick some of the recent changes were, it’s a touch outdated. It might be best that it stays that way for at least a couple more weeks, @geoffb and @richtaur will be sifting through a ton of feedback right now especially from Steam that could yield even newer changes in the coming weeks. Once they start moving onto things like new content etc. then it’s pretty safe to say we’ll have the patterns down and onto the Wiki they go!

    You know the Multi shot ring was very, very recent too, my favourite configuration thus far has been triple shovels, not the most effective but it looked hilarious…

    Also @BlueGlass I have question for you, I sent you a PM to ask it…

  • I hadn’t seen the one-projectile attack at the time of my post. Now, I’ve seen it twice. Also, just got to Death for the first time, dying soon after.

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