A Wizard's Lizard FAQ

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    Q: Where are the save game files located?

    The location of your save files depends on your operating system:

    Windows 7/8
    C:\Users\<username>\AppData\A Wizard's Lizard\

    /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/A Wizard's Lizard/

    ~/.config/A Wizard's Lizard/


    Q: Do Humble buyers receive Steam keys?

    A: Yes!

    Q: How do I get my Steam key after purchasing via Humble?

    A: Head over to your Humble Library. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a section labeled “Other Purchases”. You should see a link for “A Wizard’s Lizard” in that section. Click that link and you’ll be taken to a new page. Near the top of the new page you should see a link labeled “Click here to get your Steam key”. If you click that link you should be provided with a Steam key for A Wizard’s Lizard. After that head over to Steam and activate your key.


    Q: How do I redeem a Steam key?

    A: Check out Steam’s support page: Activating a Product on Steam

    Q: How do I participate in beta releases via Steam?

    A: In your Steam Library, find A Wizard’s Lizard and right click on it. Select properties. In the dialog window the appears, click on the “Betas” tab. From the dropdown box near the top, select “beta”. Close the dialog window. The game should automatically update to the selected branch. To return to the stable version of the game, repeat these steps, but select “NONE” instead of “beta”. WARNING: Beta builds may be unstable!

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