The end or the beginning?

  • With the final Steam release less than 2 days ahead I’m curious what your guys future plans are.
    Do you guys have a new project in mind, or do you think about all the new awesome DLCs you might add to a wizards lizard?
    There have been some voices here, me included, who’ld really like to see a more Zelda’ish story, or maybe a survial arena.

    I have no intention to devalue your other games, but AWL is by far your best work! (See it as a compliment!)
    Yet, there seems to be so much more that could be done!

    So, what are your plans?
    Do you ready up for a new project or is your whiteboard filled with future AWL projects?

    Btw. I just posted the first Steam review there is for your game, I hope it’s good advertisement :P

  • Tiger Hat

    @Sdric Don’t distract them, or it’ll be June 17th before they release it!

  • Haha! I already can play the game on Steam ;p
    (Maybe because my I had the latest beta manually installed)

  • LDG

    @Sdric Thank you for the Steam review! Activity on our Steam page from real users is invaluable.

    As for AWL and its future: It’s hard to say what will come next. On one hand, we definitely have lots (too many!) ideas for ways to improve and extend the current game. On the other hand, we’ve got other great ideas for a sequel that’s less rogue-lite and more LotZ-like (bigger overworld to explore, etc). On the third hand, we’d really like to try our hand at a side-scrolling platformer.

    At the very least, the Steam launch isn’t the end of updates to AWL. We’ll definitely be fixing bugs and adding new content here and there. We’ve got some fun holiday-themed stuff planned ;)

    What we work on after AWL largely depends on how well AWL does on Steam. I think both @richtaur and I would love to do AWL2, but we might release something else in between now and then as well.

  • Thanks for the answer!
    So, let’s hope that you’re successful, I’ld love to see a few DLCs and AWL2 afterwards ;)
    While AWL is fun it’s a fair judgement when I say that the content is not overwhelming (stages and co).
    From my personal point of view it always leaves a better impression if the publishers add in a one or two DLCs to make the game more complete and overall bigger.
    Jumping from project to project leaves a bad taste, even if it is a sequal. It feels like the studio is spitting out games for cash, even if that’s not true. I’m pretty certain you’re not of that kind, but that’s a general feeling which has risen among (especially EA) customers within the last few years.

    As for the sidecroller platformers, I might be biased but I feel like Steam, Humble Bundle and co are being flooded with these lately. (I got 13 unplayed ones from humble bundle purchases alone … Not counting the others…)
    It not only makes it difficult to dertermine which ones are great and which are not, but the overwhelming amount of these really makes it dull as well. At least I will stay away from any of these for a while. That being said, I’m just a single customer and a majority of players might appreciate this inflationary sidescoller releases :p

  • LDG

    I hear you on the side-scrolling platformer overload. This is definitely sometime we’re aware of and are taking into consideration when trying to carve out our little niche.

    We’ve got a couple good ideas for DLC: The first is our unfinished work on the Arena. This started as sort of an alternate mode, but we cut it because we felt that it didn’t further the core of the game. We’d love to bring it back in some capacity. Second is a Realm of the Dead only dungeon. We’ve long felt that the RotD was less explored than it deserved, as well as being something unique to the game. When we do DLC, I’m pretty sure that RotD will be at the forefront. @richtaur has also been wanting to make a steam-punk style dungeon. :D So, no shortage of expansion ideas.

  • All 3 ideas sound great! I hope you get the chance to do it!

    P.S: If you need faithful testers - we’re still here :P

  • LDG

    Really appreciate your interest in what’s next :) Very motivating! And agreed that AWL is our best work – to demonstrate this on our website, we pretty much cleared the plate and made it all about AWL.

    I’m not sure about DLC, as that can feel like a money grab to some users. If we can make it not seem that way, then DLC makes a lot of sense. We have a ridiculous amount of content/feature ideas for AWL, and we will definitely be updating the game with a few of those, but like Geoff said how much we do depends on how it does on Steam.

    A side-scrolling platformer prototype was really tugging at me earlier this year, but I’ve cooled down now. For better or worse, we have WAY more experience building 3/4 action games now than anything else, and almost zero experience building side-scrolling platformers. So, another game in the same vein is an attractive thing, to build upon that experience instead of starting green again. And oh man we want to make a sequel so bad. Feels like there needs to be a generous gap in time between them, tho, so we can’t start as soon as we might like to ;)

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