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    Yeah I remember that hot/cool phasing very well, it can be exhausting. The big issue with that is, often when you come back you hate everything you’ve done. So maybe the key is to keep constant pressure on it instead of bursts of activity.

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    For a Topic, would you guys have much to say on forming an indie team? I find it really difficult to network, you guys met each other in work, but have you worked with other team members and how did you find them?

    There are a lot of indie meet ups and stuff where I live but I’m hesitant to attend as I don’t really know what to say?! Or don’t want to appear over eager. Do people attending these things do it because they want to meet other indies to work with or just to socialize and talking about work wouldn’t be cool? I’m also apprehensive as at the moment I don’t have any work to show outside of some stuff I have for sale on steam workshop from quite some time ago. My day job isn’t games and I’m 30 so at the rear end of starting a career in games… I don’t want to attend and appear to be a fraud. Am I being over sensitive?

    I realise you can’t really answer all or any of these questions but it’s something relevant that’s been buzzing around my head as I am nearing completion of my current project and would like to work with other people in the future.

  • Jammer

    I struggled with a lot of the same things, and sometimes still do. Indi meetups are all around, but I have never gone because well reasons.

    It’s difficult because game dev is so many things all together. 2d, 3d, coding, art. It can be part fun, part work, part hobby. In a dev team I am in so many ways looking for a perfect fit, a unicorn, and that’s just not plausible.

    I have gravitated towards doing things in relative isolation, but at times it’s hard; to stay motivated, to handle every aspect of game dev alone, etc… But at the same time, I work with my own schedule, my destiny is completely my own, and in many ways I enable myself to not take any risks, because honestly going to a game dev meetup feels kind of like a risk, or sacrifice, let alone joining some actual game dev team.

    If you feel that you are ready to form an indie team, my advice, which likely pales in comparison with anything Matt, Geoff, or anyone else for that matter, would say, is to put yourself out there.
    Go to the game dev meetups:

    • Worst case you don’t like it and can cross it off your list.
    • Best case you do like it and find your indie team that you were always meant to be with.
    • Likely case, you show up, people are friendly, you talk about games, and you realize most of those people feel very similar to how you feel.

    Focus your efforts online:

    • Put up your stuff in a thread here, and tell everyone you’re looking to start an indie team.
    • Do game jams, join game jam communities.
    • Tell people online in whatever way you can “I want to start an indie, this is what I can offer, who’s with me?!”

    What I would do if my words could magically turn into actions:
    Let people know you are serious by accomplishing whatever aspect of game dev you are interested in. Serious people are going to gravitate towards other serious people. Being productive and showing people what you’ve done is that fastest and clearest way to get someone on board with you. Try to define what it is that you are looking for in a partner or team, and be explicit.

    Just some thoughts that your comment sparked. Of course in many ways I may be in your exact same spot, I don’t do any of the things that I’ve listed for you to do, so yes I’m just a big hypocrite. But either way I think that there are many paths to the goal of games becoming your full time job, I don’t know which path is the best to take, but I am sure that the more you make games or things associated with making games, the closer you will get.

    I hope somehow some of this rambling was beneficial- and best of luck with forming your indie team :D

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    Thanks man I really appreciate the effort you put into that response! I too have gravitated to working alone though maybe not entirely for the same reasons.

    I started out trying to do 3d stuff on mods and got onto some teams but after making one or two things quickly got bored and just sort of faded away. More recently I tried to find people to work with on reddit but while at first it seemed exciting it quickly became apparent the other person wasn’t as serious as I was and in the end they threw in the towel, this repeated a couple more times.
    After that I started learning UE4 and over the last few months have been making a fairly simple game with that but it’s made it clear what my limitations are in regards to some aspects and working with someone who’s skills are in tune with my own would make things much faster and to a higher quality all around.

    I wasn’t sure if it was cool to post your own stuff on this forum or not, it might be seen as marketing? What I am working on is in no way competitive with what LDG make but still I wouldn’t want to irritate anyone.

  • Jammer

    @islipaway said:

    I wasn’t sure if it was cool to post your own stuff on this forum or not, it might be seen as marketing?

    I mean, I feel like it’s encouraged! LDG, from what I understand, is all about empowering people to make games, that’s what made me so attracted to them and this community in the first place.

    Some examples:

    In my opinion LDG has a very encouraging tone addressing developers at any phase in their personal and professional development.

    I want to say thanks for posting this, because maybe there are other people here just like you who maybe don’t feel comfortable posting their stuff, but yeah, unless I’ve misinterpreted @richtaur and @geoffb, and they disagree, then I say post away! What a better way to connect with other developers and grow this community than sharing what we’ve accomplished as developers. I mean, there is a line between pure advertising, and sharing something you’ve done with a community of like minded interested people. Or at least that’s how I feel.

    Anyway, thanks for your reply, and I look forward to seeing what you’ve done! :D

  • Tiger Hat

    @vox is on point - I don’t know if the guys have actually thought about the business plan surrounding the forums, but anything you post that adds content to them, and could possibly push traffic here is going to help their brand as well. Whilst I fully intend to re-write my game breakdown when it’s done and post it on Gamasutra or something, for the moment, a forum suits the style, and if I push non-forum members to the article, they may stick around, and in turn buy the damn game - everyone wins.

    I personally feel a kind of kinship with @geoffb and @richtaur - I have quite a similar history, although I’m still stuck in the multi-national corporation trying to get my game off the ground.

  • LDG

    I love our community so hard. :) @Vox and @salmonmoose already did a pretty good job explaining our perspective on all this, so I’ll just say that everyone should feel free to post your own projects and solicit feedback from all the awesome folks here.

  • Tiger Hat

    With the holidays coming up, what do you think about creating holiday themed games and/or adding holiday themes as updates to existing games. I always feel like I forget up until the month before that I should make a themed game, then I never have the time. Do you think working on a xmas game a year in advance would work or are holiday themed games better off being “current” with the times.

    Does Raga have a santa hat version? :)

  • LDG

    That’s a great question and I have a lot to say about that! yayy thanks dude

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