Swift Scripting Language

  • Apple has introduced a new scripting language called Swift

    When I saw that page it immediately reminded me of that Inventing on Principle talk from Bret Victor. Since @richtaur mentioned it on the Podcast I thought you might be interested.

    Anyway, I dug around to see if Victor worked on it. Turns out he did not, but its creator, Chris Lattner, was heavily influenced by Bret Victor’s ideas.

  • Tiger Hat

    @khobalt Can’t talk… drooling over that website. And reading…

  • LDG

    Swift seems really interesting. Especially the stuff inspired by Bret Victor. Is Swift iOS/OSX only, though? That’d be a real shame.

  • LDG

    Seeing what your code is doing immediately – that’s what I want. Working blind sucksssssss.

    Swift is interesting from that perspective, but I heard it was Apple only, which is a dealbreaker to me… I’ve also been meaning to try Light Table which is apparently also inspired by Victor.

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