Shiny new website...

  • Tiger Hat

    looks nice!

    where’s the blog?


  • Patron



    That’s the only thing I didn’t like on the new website. The blog should be up there with the forum and podcast!

  • LDG

    You can blame me for the buried blog link. My thinking was that we should streamline our site to focus on the areas of most interest. At this time that’s AWL, Lostcast and our forum. We haven’t really been blogging much as of late, and I don’t really see that changing much anytime soon. In general, we’ve been trying to push our web presences in the direction of targeting gamers instead of game developers. We’ll always have a lot of love for our fellow game devs, but Lostcast is our game developer focused initiative, currently. That said, there’s some great content on the blog and the site revamp isn’t anywhere near set in stone.

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