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    I know you’ve been willing to make an interview with @joshuamorse forever, and you said you might make another one with Tim once Contradiction gets released.
    Therefore, I decided to post here some questions I would like you to make to them on their respective interviews.
    I will probably edit some of them and add some other questions.
    Sugestions accepted!

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    I was watching Solstice’s making off when I noticed that there was an opened NES with a custom cartridge inserted on it.
    That made me curious about the tools you used back in the day…

    • Was there an oficial NES dev kit, or did you have to make your own custom cartridges? Did Nintendo at least give you a guide of how to make your own cartridge?

    • Did you have to burn a EEPROM every time you would test something or did you have an ICSP connector?

    • Did you have a NES emulator or did you have to test everything on the real hardware?

    • Where did you get your triangle channel percurssion tricks from? I mean, some Sunsoft games used the triangle channel for doing percurssion solely, and Mega Man games already used the triangle channel for making toms in some songs, but nothing sounds like yours.

    • Where did you get your arpeggio tricks from? I know C64 composers made heavy use of arpeggios. How did you transfer that to the NES? Did the tracker you used have an arpeggiator or did you have to write them by hand?

    • What was your favorite console/computer, as a composer?

    • I was listening to Lostcast 54 and I was just completely blown away by your explanation on how you did 1-bit synthesis on the ZX Spectrum. Previously, I thought you used PWM like NES’s DPCM channel. In retrospect, that would be way too heavy on the CPU. How did you develop that technique? I mean, you can’t just have pulled that off from nowhere, can you?

    • Is that Miyamoto rumor true? It would be pretty cool if it was…

    • Does your brothers still compose/program?

    • I’ve always been curious about your work on Plok! Where and how did you get the samples? Their quality is just too good! Did them use a lot of space on the cartridge? Did your SNES sound driver support some kind of software synthesizing?

    • I love how wide your composition spectrum is. It goes from your atmospheric C64 works to your upbeat NES works.
      Does that have something to do with the platform you was composing for? Or maybe it just had to do with the mood of the game? Or maybe that was just you maturing as a composer?

    • Did you have any formal musical training?

    • What instruments do you play?

    • What are your main musical influences?

    • What software did you use to make music on the various platforms you composed for? Did you program your own trackers?

    • How did you have the idea to do that In The Hall of the Mountain king Excerpt in Raw Recruit? It’s just genius!

    • Did you have any experience with FM synths before composing the OST for Time Trax? I mean, the sound quality is just amazing!

    • The question everyone wants to know: Will you compose more chiptunes?
      With so many great tools like Famitracker, Deflemask and LSDJ and so many places to distribute music online, I’m pretty sure a lot of people would buy your albums (including me and @richtaur).

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    • Ukitune says FLAVA Bomb was composed on a Yamaha DX7. Do you own one or did you use some VST?

    • Still on that topic, do you prefer software or hardware synths?.

    • I’ve listened to a LOT of FM funk since I discovered Ubiktune, but nothing seems to fit your style. That made me curious to know what are your influences. Tell us about it!

    • Could you give a brief list of VSTs/sample packs you use?

    • Any specific reason to create your own sample libraries, with so many great sample packs out there? Do you research new samples for every soundtrack you make? I ask that because your instrumentation seems to change pretty drastically from one album to the other. Maybe it’s just because of the interval between releases?

    • How do you usually start a song? With a beat? With a bassline? With a melody? With a harmonic progression?

    • I would like to learn more about jazz progressions/improvisations. Any recommended books/articles?

    • What is your favorite chord progression?

    • What is your favorite LDG game?

    • What is your best album, IYO?

    • What is your musical intention? I mean, what kind of feeling do you generally want to transmit through your music?

    • Did you have any formal musical training?

    • Which instruments do you play?

    • What instruments/synths do you own?

    • How did you meet Matt and Geoff?

    • Any tips for an indie game composer wannabe?

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    Good stuff @Josue! Definitely want both of these to happen… pinging @joshuamorse :D

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    Oh, if the Tim Follin interview happens, could you play us out with my favorite Follin tune, Level 1 from Agent X II?

    You can choose between the C64 version or the Amstrad version. My personal favorite is the ZX Spectrum version, but I can’t find it anywhere!

  • LDG

    @Josue said:

    Level 1 from Agent X II

    Wow listen to that modulation! So good. Looks like Tim’s game Contradition is coming along, hopefully he can do another one when he launches.

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    @richtaur said:

    @Josue said:

    Level 1 from Agent X II

    Wow listen to that modulation! So good.

    Yeah man. If you listen to the channels individually, they aren’t doing much. Channel 1 plays the melody. Channel 3 (the bass) plays an andalusian “D-C-B-Bb” thingy. Channel 3 plays a Dm arpeggio, a G/D arpeggio and then goes back to Dm.

    But if you put everything together, it sounds kinda like this.

    The theme at 1:32 always gives me chills.

    Looks like Tim’s game Contradition is coming along, hopefully he can do another one when he launches.

    Yeah, they finished shooting it, what probably means they’re 30% done…

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  • LDG

    haha! I have invited him … maybe he’d respond to a nudge from someone other than me?

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