Impossible to set control keys?

  • Hey,

    I must say I’m very disappointed. There is no way to customize the control keys? How is that possible? Are you aware that many people in the world use AZERTY keyboards?

  • Tiger Hat

    Hi there @julacariote, the guys are working on this one it came up shortly after release. If you take a look at this thread you’ll see a temporary fix you can work with provided by fellow Linux user @duff. I swear there used to be a way to link directly to a post and not just a thread but I can’t find it so here’s a quick paste of his solution

    @duff said:

    The other problem is for no “qwerty” users, it’s unplayable cause Keys are not at the same place.
    Is there a config file somewhere to change key map ?

    E.g :

    • in qwerty : wasd
    • in azerty : zqsd

    We can change the keyboard layout with :

    setxkbmap us

    and get it back (for french)

    setxkbmap fr

    but it’s not really practical.

    Hope this helps in the mean time, I appreciate it’s not ideal. I’m sure the developers @geoffb or @richtaur will be able to update you on this when they check the forums.

  • Penguin

    I will bug @geoffb about it! Promise!

  • LDG

    Hi @julacariote, sorry for the disappointment! We’re definitely working on custom key bindings for an upcoming release. In addition to the work-around posted by @Affordable_Desk, you can also use a gamepad. We think that A Wizard’s Lizard is best experienced with dual analog sticks because it allows you to move and fire in 360 degrees instead of limited to 8 directions on the keyboard. That said, we know that not everyone has or wants a gamepad, so we’ll be addressing the key binding issue soon. I hope you can enjoy the game in the meantime!

  • Thanks you all for your answers, really appreciated!

  • LDG

    @Affordable_Desk said:

    I swear there used to be a way to link directly to a post and not just a thread

    Yeah I thought so too. I just filed an issue:

  • LDG

    (Note: it’s in the pop-up menu when you click on the <3 in the lower-left.) Ugh I hate filing invalid tickets. I hate myself :{

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