7 years of labour...

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    …are finally at an end! Today Algebra Explorer, the bastard child of a maths book and a symbolic calculator, is finally available on the App Store! Go partake in the enlightenment, then spread the gospel to everyone you know and their mothers! :)

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  • LDG

    Epic!! Congrats, I hope you’re feeling great cuz you should be :D

    Now to start relentlessly promoting it! What did you use to wrap it up BTW? CocoonJS?

  • Patron

    I ended up using a local Cordova installation. It seemed the best fit as AE is a pure DOM app, no cancas so none of Cocoon’s bells & whistles are necessary.

    And yeah, thanx, it feels DAMNED good. :)

  • Will you be accepting fan art? I’m working on some right now, this is what I’ve got so far


    It’s not finished but it’s getting there.

    Can you start updating this thread with how things progress? The reviews/future development plans etc. I actually want to try this but lack a personal iOS device so I’d like to hear other people’s experiences.

  • Tiger Hat

    Amazing - congratulations @David :D

  • LDG

    Awesome! Congrats on launching :) I’ll make sure to give it a whirl on my iOS devices later today.

  • Patron

    Wow! 7 years?!

    That’s a LOT Of dedication!

    Congrats man!

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