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    Since I made a whole lot of threads, many of which housing suggestions, I’ve decided to make a primary thread for all my suggestions as to make it easier to locate them. This thread will not be for art ; it will only contain my bug reports and suggestions for quick reference. They will be classified in two main categories (game fixes & suggestions). For the game fixes, they’ll be split up between bug fixes and balance fixes. For the suggestions, between minor and major suggestions (minor being little things like adding a single item or something requiring a tiny bit of art. Major are things like extra side-quests, stages, bosses).

    Extra bug reports and suggestions will be edited into the first post as to keep things simple and clean.

    ==GAME FIXES==

    =Bug fixes=

    -If you try to play the game after quitting from an already started game (either from having a game over and choosing not to continue or from quitting while in-game), the game freeze (black screen, music keep playing).
    -If you die or quit the game while the Zombie Overlord is performing his “circular swing ball & chain attack while moving around” attack, the sound effect for the attack will loop endlessly.
    -If you attack the tavern keeper in Amberfall, he will turn into a normal beserk shopkeeper, complete with boss music and door locking up.
    -Life Knife attack value display ‘NoaN’ instead of the current attack value.
    -Occasionaly, the inventory text will get squashed during play. (the letters for the stats’ names as well as their values will all glitch up, displaying on top of one another in an unreadable mess instead of next to one another, as intended. Sometimes, the text will simply ‘twitch’, alternating between displaying correctly and incorrectly, at others it will stay in the ‘squashed’ position until the game is closed and restarted. The glitch seem to happen at random but happen most often in Amberfall and the Cemetary)
    -Occasionaly, a Face Hugger will spawn in the top-left corner of the screen, beyond the room boundaries, when entering the Face Hugger lair room in the Sewer stage.
    -The boss intro animation does not play when you enter the Zombie Merchant boss room in the Den of Thieves stage.
    -If you pause the game and unpause the game after defeating a boss and entering the exit room, the boss theme will play in the treasure room.
    -If you enter an already cleared boss room from any room except the exit room, the boss theme will play as if the boss was alive.

    =Game balance=

    -Sewer Hag could use having extra bullet patterns during her battle.
    -Swap Dungeon Map & Compass prices ; compass should be 2500, dungeon map should be 1500 (Compass is far more useful than dungeon map)
    -Scythe firepower & range should be drastically increased and/or should have a ‘obliteration’ (leave no specters upon enemy kills) ability or price should be reduced
    -Demon Sword & Demon Spear require buffing (Demon Sword first buff, bouncing, is less than useful).
    -Golden Axe price should be increased to at least 12500.
    -Golden Axe is generally broken ; gold spawn exploit in Amberfall, attack power overkill for its low price and usefulness of the gold spawning ability.
    -Mythril Mail price should be reduced or its defensive value and speed buff should be increased.
    -Assassin Blade price should be increased or fire rate should be reduced to match normal knife-type weapons (it fire off as fast as the Killer Bees at the moment)
    -Life Knife firepower should have a greater disparancy between full health and low health (increased to 20+ at full health)
    -Gelatin Cube mid-boss door lock prevent player from defeating it ; shovel incapable of harming it and no weapon spawns in the room.
    -Attack-increasing armor not available as blueprints (deliberate omission or goof? They don’t seem particularly broken, which would warrant them not being available in blueprint form)



    -It would be neat if Raga had a halo while in Ghost mode.
    -NPC dialogue and tombstone text (Cemetary special room) could use being better writen ; less ‘meta’, more in-character.
    -Cutscene dialogue (intro & ending) could use being redone a bit, especially on the ending (Sir Wizard commenting on character’s warrior spirit make sense for extra characters, he should be more surprised toward Raga)
    -Text epilogues after game end (with a variation whenever Raga survive the journey or not. Generic variations or custom endings for extra characters varying on time/budget).
    -Having an artwork in the game over screen instead of just a gradiant background would be nice (suggestion: Raga’s discarded collar in a pool of blood).
    -Extra idle animations for Raga (stick tongue to taste air, look around nervously. Same animations, including blinking, when in Ghost mode too (though lacking his smile).)
    -Alternate standing stances (breathe visibly when health meter is yellow, can barely stand + tear stains on head when meter is red)
    -Extra gore effects (splash of blood when damaged. Splash of multi-colored ‘spectral energy’ when damaged as a Ghost).
    -Slower death animation when killed as a Ghost (alternatively, custom death animations ; see Major Suggestions).
    -Playable characters should be seen heading into the Cemetary when starting a new game.
    -If Raga is not the player character, it would be nice if he appeared as a NPC in Amberfall, either walking around in the lobby or sleeping in the tavern. He will beg the player character to save his master when spoken to.

    -item suggestions: new items. 'cuz items are fun!

    • Dark Helmet : Greatly reduce visibility (make world much darker when alive, make world much brighter when dead) but high defense value.
    • Satchel : trap item. Flash red when uncovered from a barrel and then explode, sending shrapnel that explode like bombs upon impact with stuff.
    • Demonic Binding : Give a powerful buff but prevent respawning as a ghost (game over upon death). If already a ghost, prevent use of Ressurection Circles.
    • Ring of Death : drastically increase attack power (+30 at least) but instant-death (game over) if hit.
    • Thief’s Gloves : does not give statistical benefits but increase odds of gold & items dropping from defeated foes, smashed up furniture, and chests.
    • Mimic-B-Gone! book : Give a red aura to Mimics and barrels housing bombs/satchels and monsters.
    • Bone Spear : attack power: 5, recover 1 HP per kill.
    • Eldritchikon book : Allow player to harm and destroy Specters, Bone Pits, and Wraiths while alive.
    • Lucky Coin : Inventory item. Make one attack do 0 damage and then vanish from inventory.
    • Vest of Deflection : Give no statistical advantage but cause enemy attacks to do no damage randomly (about 20% chance).
    • Avenger Sword : Has puny attack power at full health, become progressively stronger as HP lowers.
    • Torch : attack power: 8, medium range, slow flying speed. Light up the dungeon + has a large aura when thrown. Area of effect damage.
    • Souldevourer : Cursed sword which increase in power as player clear up rooms of enemies but decrease in power when one traverse a cleared room. Will damage player instead if attack power is at minimum.

    -Difficulty modifiers: can be turned on/off individually. Most are minor suggestions, but some will have the ‘major’ label as they may be trickier to implement.

    • Not Every Lizard Is Born Equal : Slightly randomize starting health, offense, defense, and speed values on each new run.
    • No Reincarnation Allowed : No persistence between runs (only character unlocks carry over).
    • Bag of Spilling : All equipment and inventory items (except for keys and other quest items) are reset to starting equipment at the start of every area.
    • Glancing Hits : All damage is slightly randomized. Include enemy attacks and trap damage.
    • Everyday’s the Last of your Life : All damage has a chance of being a critical hit (tripled damage). This include enemy attacks and trap damage.
    • Sudden Death : If the player is hit, the player character instantly die regardless of HP…
    • Moonless Night : Revert darkness level to the thicker one of previous versions of the game.
    • Mundane Ghost : Lighting & color scheme is not changed when dying.
    • Ultra Fast Lizard : Player character speed multiplied by five ( (base speed + boost from items) x 5 = speed with this turned on)
    • No Mere Fleshwound -MAJOR- : Player will start limping, speed dropping by 20% when health meter is yellow and by 40% once health meter is red.
    • Roguelike Classic -MAJOR- : Traps are invisible until triggered. Explosive barrels, released bombs/satchels, sewer pipes, and ball & chains remain visible at all time.
    • Persistent Foes -MAJOR- : Enemies respawn whenever a room is revisited. Do not spawn extra loot and foes who released Specters will not release another one when killed again.
    • Indiscriminate Traps : Foes are harmed by traps like the player character. Foes will not trigger traps on their own though (like shallow graves, exploding barrels, pressured-triggered spike traps, and arrow traps)
    • Friendly Fire -MAJOR- : Enemy projectiles damage the first non-invulnerable object they hit, not just the player. Enemy projectiles will also trigger explosive barrels and free dormant Face Huggers. Cyclops and Merchants can damage themselves with their own projectiles. Exceptions: bosses will not harm themselves with their own projectiles. They can however be damaged by normal enemies and traps in their own rooms.
    • Weak Willed : Player character lack necessary willpower to return to life as a Ghost if killed ; game over upon 0 HP, Ghost mechanic turned off. Resurrection rooms still spawn but will not house Resurrection Circles.
    • Marathon : The player start with an extra 400 HP but cannot heal.
    • Stalked by the Bell : If a player remains for more than 25 minutes in a given area, the player character drop dead instantly (game over).
    • Boom Stick : All projectiles explode like a Boom Spear upon impact with a surface, object, or character. Raga’s and Engineer’s starting weapon changed to Boom Spear.
    • Nobody Expect the Barrel : All breakable objects explode violently when destroyed.
    • Adam Smith Hates Your Guts : Prices for all dungeon items increase for the current run each time the player buy something. Blueprints not affected.
    • Greed is Good : Gold & item drop rate & rarity rate scale with HP ; the lower the player HP, the more loot drops and the better it is.
    • Karmic Backlash -MAJOR- : Destroying enemies, picking gold, items, and food/medecine, buying items, clearing out rooms, and clearing areas will increase a ‘rank’ value. Taking damage and dying lower the value. The ‘rank’ value is a modifier that affect enemy properties ; the higher it is, the more projectiles enemy shoot, the faster those projectiles are, and the faster enemies will move as well. Affect all enemies (including bosses).


    -Completing the Dragoneater (giant Maneater) boss for the Forest stage.

    -Extra traps: pressure pad-triggered traps, poison gas traps. rolling boulders (rolling in set paths endlessly)

    -Give up menu option. Death appears and put a hand on the character’s shoulder. If alive, the player character kill itself, if dead, Death carry it away. Allow to end a failed or hopeless run and reset to Amberfall without having to go back to the main menu or suicide manually. Rescued villagers, unlocked shortcuts, recovered blueprints, and rescued playable characters are saved.

    -Custom death animations for Raga (suggestion: if drawing the animation for all four directions is too time-consuming, a Zelda-like approach could be used ; Raga lose his footing and spin before the animation play so that he’s always facing the same way when he dies):

    • generic : Raga kneel over, vomit blood while his belly is sliced open, resulting in his guts spilling out. Collapse in a pool of his own blood.
    • gibbed (explosion) : Raga is blown apart, sending blood all over the place.
    • fried (fire, no explosion) : Raga’s tail catches on fire, which spread to his entire body before leaving him fried. He collapses.
    • poisoned (poison effect, Mushroom shrapnel, Slime collision, Muck Monster collision) : Raga’s eyes turn crazy as he kneels over and foam incontrollably, his chest twitching incontrollably as if he was puking his insides out. Collapse in his own mess.
    • crushed (Zombie Overlord ball & chain attack, ball & chain trap, Cyclops rocks) : Raga’s head is crushed, causing him to snort out his own blood before collapsing.
    • generic - ghost : Raga kneel over, vomit spectral energy while his belly is sliced open, resulting in the spectral energy exploding out and vaporizing him.
    • gibbed - ghost : Raga is blown apart in an explosion of spectral energy.
    • fried - ghost : Largely the same as the live version except for the colors and the presence of a halo (if included).
    • crushed - ghost : head is crushed, snorting out spectral energy and then bursting into spectral energy instead of collapsing.

    -Nightmare stage / mode:

    • accessed from the tavern in Amberfall (stand on carpet, let Raga sleep for a few seconds or simply stand there for a while as other characters)
    • lobby room use the Crypt tileset and has a set layout (4 doors). Bottom door exit the Nightmare. Left & right doors are locked until the game is cleared. Top door is always open.
    • top door lead to Hell Arena : an endless dungeon with randomized trap and enemy layouts, mixed without regard to which stage they belong. Can include bosses (though only one instance of the Sewer Hag, Dragoneater, and Death’s Ghost can spawn in a given room and if one spawn, the other two will not.). Difficulty increase with each room cleared.
    • Right door lead to Night Terror : boss rush, with set rooms and facing each boss in a set order (Zombie Overlord, Dragoneater, Sewer Hag, Zombie Merchant, Death, Death’s Ghost, True Death)
    • Left door lead to the Onslaught Colosseum : Single, very large room. Enemies spawn in waves, waves becoming larger and containing more enemies (including bosses) as the player survive more waves.

    -Death’s Ghost & True Death boss fights.

    • Second forms for Death (last boss). Death’s Ghost being the normal second form, True Death being encountered on perfect runs (defeat all bosses in one run or don’t use Resurrection Circles during the run).
    • Death’s Ghost looks like Death’s first form but with a damaged outfit & armor and a crown-like halo over his head. His pattern is largely the same as Death’s but with extra elements to make it tougher (quicker teleport, spawn tombstones to randomize scythe throws, faster and more numerous fireball & iceball projectiles). Has new attacks (smash fist into floor to cause earthquake, levitate tombstones and hurl them at player). At very low HP, will teleport to the center of the arena and start throwing scythes non-stop in random directions.
    • True Death look like a fiery, spectral lizard as Raga, as a fiery, spectral humanoid as everyone else. Unique pattern ; all attacks are slightly randomized (use a set pattern but at each phase, will select one attack from a pool of possible attacks instead of always the same). Pattern vary on HP (switching once HP reach 50%).
    • On his first pattern, phase 1 is to be a modified version of a Green Goblin AI, rapid-firing triple daggers at the player. After 10-30 seconds, he will either teleport to the top of the screen and rapid-fire three patterns of scythes (telegraphing the attack by holding his scythe above him) or teleport to a random spot, point in front of him, and fire two spirals of fireballs/iceballs, occasionaly inverting the rotation direction of the spirals to fool the player. On phase 3, he either teleport off-screen and then fly in, hugging one of the walls and rapid-firing non-bouncing scythes as he fly by, or charge the player and use a melee attack (must be dodged by moving diagonaly toward the boss ; moving back or to the side result in being hit).
    • The second pattern begin the same way. On phase 2, he will teleport to the top of the screen and charge energy in both hands before throwing the sphere off the screen. Beams will randomly rain on the battlefield. After all the beams rained, the sphere will fly back to True Death, who will thrust both hands into the sphere, causing it to explode into a gigantic beam that can only be avoided by standing near the left or right wall. On phase 3, he will attack like in the first pattern but end the phase by flying to the center of the screen and then slamming his fist into the floor, spawning bone pillars which act like Maneaters and will persist until destroyed or until True Death repeat this attack (where they will be destroyed and new ones will be spawned instead).
    • Upon hitting 0 HP, True Death will teleport to the top of the arena and become encased in a shield that make him invulnerable. He will then throw scythes that will orbit around the room, creating a circle and firing projectiles toward the center of the screen. As time passes, the scythes will spin faster and fire faster. After about 30 seconds, True Death’s shield will vanish. Hitting him will cause all projectiles to vanish and cause him to stagger. After a few seconds or if he is hit again, True Death will fall unconscious, being defeated.
    • True Death will not perform his Final Attack if encountered as a random enemy in Hell Arena or Onslaught Colosseum ; he will explode like any other boss when reaching 0 HP. True Death will only perform his Final Attack if encountered in the Crypt at the end of the game or at the end of the Night Terror boss rush.

    -Lost Lizardman civilization sub-quest events (two variations).

    • Both variations are meant to be Spirit Block-style side-quests, requiring the player to start the game from the Cemetary and complete all steps to complete them. Though Raga has unique dialogue with them (and only he may have the special ending for Lilly), any character can undertake and clear the quests. Both quests require the player character to be in Ghost mode (both NPCs appear as normal specters while in the Realm of the Living)…

    -Jules (Lizardman knight ghost) is an optionnal boss and NPC.

    • Always spawn in an enemy-less room (except in the Crypt)
    • If attacked, will fire an axe at the player but not go hostile. Cannot be killed (HP will not go down). Axe is proportional to where he is found (Battle axe in Cemetary, Golden Axe in Sewer, Fire Axe in Crypt)
    • Cemetary event: Introduce the side-quest, insult the player character’s sanity and credentials as a hero. Act like a Beserk Shopkeeper when fought. When defeated, will give the player a medium-tier weapon and give a backhanded compliment. Will generally be unfriendly when spoken to (insult the player randomly).
    • Sewer event: Greet the player in a hostile manner. Dialogue imply he died in the Sewer. If fought, will alternate between fighting like a Green Goblin, a Werewolf, and a Beserk Shopkeeper, swapping patterns every 10 seconds. Use a Golden Axe instead of a normal Axe on this fight. If defeated, will begrudgingly admit defeat and become friendlier, actually giving infos on the lizardman civilization. Will also award the player with a high-tier weapon.
    • Crypt event: Only take place if both previous events are cleared, else will not appear. Will spawn in the Resurrection Room and prevent player from leaving upon room entry. Will complain about wishing to avenge his own death and show himself far more insecure than previous encounters indicated. Is not an optionnal boss in this event ; boss fight happens after dialogue is ended. Use a mixed AI pattern, alternating not just based on time but based on being hit to conserve HP. Will use a Fire Axe in this fight. If defeated, will either declare the player worthy of the lizardmen’s legacy (if playing as Raga) or claim that the player character is the one destined to avenge all those Death has murdered. Will gift the player with an ultimate weapon and detailed lore infos after being talked to, finally being truly friendly.

    -Lilly (female lizardman), NPC.

    • Always spawn in an enemy-less room.
    • If attacked, will hit the player with a big mace for 1 damage. The attack is unavoidable but can never kill the player (will do no damage if HP is at 1). Cannot be killed ; HP will not go down.
    • If the player ignore Lilly’s request in the Cemetary, she will not spawn in the Sewer and Crypt. Clearing the Cemetary but ignoring her in the Sewer will still cause her to spawn in the Crypt (but she will be too sad to bring herself to ask the player to do her Crypt quest).
    • Cemetary event: Spawn in an enemy-less room. Lilly will introduce herself and be generally extremely friendly. She will ask for an item that can be found in the dungeon, either in a chest or at a shop. If the item is brought, it will be lost but Lilly will become a permanent ally of the player in this run ; she will sell an unlimited number of life potions at a lesser rate than normal shopkeepers and when spoken to, will display the entire dungeon map + the location of the boss, exit, resurrection circle, shopkeepers, and all ‘mystery spots’ (rooms with unique events, like the Gelatin Cube mid-boss, the Spirit Block side-quest rooms, or the White Zombie puzzle room). The map will revert to the normal version after leaving the room.
    • Sewer event: Lilly will sound incredibly sad and speak of her people’s failed escape attempt, including her own death. She will request that the player give its final rest to the souls trapped in the Sewer, still anchored to the world through resentment and regret, among whch many are of her own people. Clearing every room of Specters, Bone Pits, and Wraiths will complete her quest. She will give the player extra infos on her civilization and a free healing item as a reward.
    • Crypt event: Dialogue vary a lot on if player is Raga or not. If Jules spawn and had both his Cemetary and Sewer events cleared, she will request that the player find him. Else, she will ask the player to destroy the Blood Crystal mid-boss. As a reward, she will give the player a free healing item and an unique armor piece that cannot be normally accessed to in the dungeon (like the Mythril Mail) as well as extra infos on the lizardman civilization and some background on Death himself. If playing as Raga and if all previous events are cleared, she will ask him about the future and if he would like to join her and their people once this is over. Saying yes will unlock the special Ghost Raga ending for this run.

    -Extended endings: A text epilogue is fine but the best would be a short cutscene or montage after ending the game.

    • Live Raga ending: montage of artwork showing Raga’s reunion with the wizard and his return to his previous pet lifestyle to complement the text epilogue. Include a final artwork of the statue that the people of Amberfall make in his honor.
    • Ghost Raga ending: in-game engine cutscene with Raga escorting Sir Wizard to the exit but refusing to leave. When re-entering Death’s room, he teleport back in front of the player and comment on how it was love all along, not arrogance, that motivated him. After thinking it over, Death agree to leave Sir Wizard alone and let Raga pass on despite their little… misunderstanding… in exchange for not revealing that he beat him. Screen fade out to white. Text epilogue montage show the wizard completing (or not) the potion alone as well as the people of Amberfall recovering Raga’s corpse and giving him a funeral.
    • generic living ending: a montage of artwork showing the wizard completing his potion (or not) and then artwork of the various game locations, with the text speaking of how the player character went on to have more adventures once his or her business in Amberfall was done with.
    • generic dead ending: a montage of artwork showing the wizard completing his potion (or not) and then artwork of the various game locations, with the text speaking of how although the player character never returned from the Crypt, he/she became immortal in the history books as the one who saved mortalkind from Death’s reign.
    • Special Ghost Raga ending: if the Lilly side-quest is included and is completed with Raga agreeing to join the lizardmen into passing on when his journey is over, this ending will trigger if he is in Ghost mode when finishing the game. After the normal sequence of escorting the wizard and the conversation with Death, artwork montage and the text epilogue will speak of Raga joining Lilly and the lizardmen into passing on.

    -Shrines. Sacrifice health in exchange for a powerful, unique item (temporary immortality (health will still decrease but will not fall below 1), full health, a powerful weapon or armor, a health boost that go beyond the normal maximum but will ‘decay’ back to the normal maximum over time, a temporary offense or defense boost, destroy all Specters in all already cleared rooms, regenerate the Resurrection Circle of the stage if already used, halve HP or offense of all non-boss enemies in the next visited room…). The shrine crumble upon use but the item can be kept for later.

    -Extra special rooms:

    • Soul River Pass : This appear as a normal room though with a weird path of discolored bricks when alive. The door at the end of it is locked and cannot be opened… when alive. When dead, the room is a massive, looping animation of flowing souls with the exit door unlocked. If one step outside of the invisible safe path, the player character is caught in the current and instantly killed ; the safe path is indicated by the discolored brick path when entering as a living being.
    • Mimic lair : A room with a lot of chests! Many of them contain treasure!.. but most of them are mimics.
    • Monster House : Has no traps or obstacles of any kind!.. but is absolutely filled to the brim with monsters.
    • Sacrificial pit : Entering the pit will kill the player character… but won’t harm the player character if already dead. Contain lots of treasure but potentially a lot of Bone Pits at the bottom, too.

    -Extra stage ideas:

    • Alternate stage 2 accessible only if alive: The Cathedral. Normally, the Sewer is the only way through Death’s capital to the Crypt but this building offer an alternate secret path. Its entrance is warded against ghosts ; player must be alive to enter. Stage layout include windows, with zombie hordes sticking their hands through and harming players that stick too close to them. Enemy line-up is a mix of very weak (zombies, zombie grave robbers, bats, dire bats) and very strong (Fire Elementals, Deminions, Minotaurs). The former are encountered in larger numbers, the later in lesser numbers than the Crypt. Unique rooms include an outdoor bridge, which allow one to see the sheer density of zombies in the streets outside the cathedral, a stained glass room, a chapel, and other such rooms. The boss room is a prayer room pitting the player against the Amalgam, a golem made of many skeletons mashed into one giant multi-armed monster. It leaps all over the place, throwing bone boomerangs and occasionaly charging at the player. Clearing this level lead to the Crypt.
    • Alternate stage 2 accessible only if dead: The Cave. An underwater level which is unnaccessible for a living character (due to not having air). Include very few living enemies (largely Specters and Wraiths) but may include a few unique enemies. Unique rooms may involve bottomless chasms with bridges over them, cliff areas where one or more of the walls are cliffs instead of solid walls, and rooms filled with rolling boulders looping around the screen (roll downward, exit room south, re-emerge north, keep rolling). Boss room would be a generic cave room with the boss being the Kraken, a giant squid monster that attack with extensible tentacles and energy balls from the mouth. Its tentacles can be destroyed and will try to shield the main body but will regenerate after a while.

  • LDG

    @Mew said:

    Occasionaly, the inventory text will get squashed during play.

    Could you elaborate on that one? Looks like all of the others have been recorded in our issue tracker.

    Wow these ideas are super cool. Some of these we have on the TODO list already :) Will definitely be referring back here once we get into AWL dev again. Thanks for this!

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    Bumping the thread at richtaur’s request.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I haven’t play so much. But, I don’t know why the frame rate drops quite often due to giant number of monsters on screen.

    I think adding so mini quests could be fun too, giving a random quest per map. This should be similar to random quest on Fallout while you are exploring the wasteland.

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    @DynDasE said:

    I haven’t play so much. But, I don’t know why the frame rate drops quite often due to giant number of monsters on screen.

    Hm, sorry about that. If you’d like to post your system specs we could look into it.

    I think adding so mini quests could be fun too, giving a random quest per map. This should be similar to random quest on Fallout while you are exploring the wasteland.

    That does sound like fun! Fallout games are soooo goooood. I bet they’re working on the next one right now…!

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