New forum user! And a bug report...

  • Hi Matt and Geoff!
    I found you guys while looking up how to program games in HTML5 a few years ago. I googled “simple canvas game,” read your tutorial and forked the repo. I chipped away, customizing it (adding physics and parallax scrolling mostly), for a long time, but only a couple of weeks ago did stumble upon your podcast. Now I’m hooked, and I’d like to offer my fandome.

    Anyway, I bought A Wizard’s Lizard (1.0.185-Win32) a couple of hours ago and I think I’ve already hit a show-stopper.

    1. Boot up the game.
    2. Select "play."
    3. Press ESC.
    4. Select "play" again.
    [Expected Result]
    The character selection screen is shown.
    The game hangs at a blank screen.

  • Doh! After writing that out I searched the forums and realized @mew already reported something similar.
    If I do find another bug, do you have a publicly accessible tracker, or is this the best place to report it?

  • LDG

    Welcome to the forum @khobalt! Really interesting to hear that you first found our tutorial then discovered the podcast later. Power of the Internet!

    Thanks for buying AWL, really appreciate the support. Sorry about that bug, we’ll get it fixed soon. We’re working on a “quality of life” update that will add more options and address many bugs like this one.

    Totally fine if the bug was already mentioned elsewhere. We get bug reports from email, Twitter, FB… there’s no single place bugs come in so it’s all good and much appreciated :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Tiger Hat

    @chaoscreature7 :
    I’d love to say if your suggestions are good or not but the sheer wall-o-text-ness of your post prevent me from really focusing on any element in particular.

    The enter key is your friend. Please use it so we may benefit from your insight.

  • Here are some suggestions me and a few players have thought of.

    1. allow volume control and fullscreen mode in settings.

    2. multiplayer (online/lan). We feel this game would do amazing if the options are there even if it was hosted by players and not game server.

    3. allow players to mouse over items in map/inventory screen and see what items do. We feel this would be highly benificial so players don’t have to wiki all items.

    4. Varient “Secret Bosses” per “Secret Room/Maps” with more Varients to Special Items that only appear in These Maps/Rooms.

    5. Maybe something like “Special Marked Walls” (By Dead Sign) in which only “Ghost Mode” can walk through making temptation of pushing player skill is more tempting.

    6. Have Tavern NPC’s maybe give a quest every now and then to go somewhere in the floors and complete a quest event like Special bosses or challenge rooms can be completed for a bonus item or blueprint or gold to start next run with.

  • LDG

    I replied to your post in another thread, @chaoscreature7 :) Also, meant to say: welcome to the forum!

  • Thanks, sorry about that. I realised the mistake too. Still had the reply button up when I went to a different forum and I noticed the first one didn’t go through. By the way great game!

  • LDG

    No worries at all :) Glad you like the game, thanks!

  • Was a fix ever found for this? I really want to love this game, but I can’t even start it up.

  • LDG

    @Sharktopus said:

    Was a fix ever found for this? I really want to love this game, but I can’t even start it up.

    I was just about to respond to your thread on Steam forum, actually. We’re still looking into this issue. We had thought it was resolved until it came up again with some users on launch day. I’m really sorry it’s preventing you from playing the game.

    We’ve been a bit overwhelmed with bugs and feedback of all kinds, but I promise that we’re taking steps to address the issue. I understand that this kind of a showstopper can be really frustrating, and if you’re too unhappy with the purchase, shoot us an email and we’ll do what we can to make it right. Outside of that, I can only ask that you hang tight while we work through the various launch issues. I’ll try to get a debug build for you ASAP so we can pinpoint exactly what’s causing your startup problems.

  • @geoffb Alright well, good to know. I really hope this gets resolved soon. I don’t want a refund at all, everything about this game really appeals to me, and I can’t wait to start playing it.

  • I found a temporary fix! Running it as an administrator with Windows XP (Service Pack 3) compatibility settings fixes the problem!

  • LDG

    @Sharktopus I’m really glad you were able to find a work-around! That’s a really interesting scenario, I wonder what the difference could be when running as admin or in XP compat mode.

  • @geoffb Chances are that it’s compat mode, because I tried it just as an admin to no avail.

  • LDG

    @Sharktopus said:

    I found a temporary fix! Running it as an administrator with Windows XP (Service Pack 3) compatibility settings fixes the problem!

    Whoa that’s interesting. Really helpful for finding a fix, thanks!

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