A Wizard's Lizard - Comic form

  • Tiger Hat

    Inspiration struck me and then, an insane idea came to me. I decided that I might as well indulge and begun to draw… and before I knew it, I had completed what would be the first chapter of a fan-comic that take the story of the game and expand upon it. It will both take the game’s setting and elaborate upon it as well as take story elements that were planned to be in the game but could not be implemented due to time and/or budget constraints. My intent is mostly to give a more in-depth look at the game’s setting and narrative. As such, it will be relatively close to the source material.

    Do note that if in-game events and in-comic events contradict one another, the game events take precedence unless stated otherwise by the development team.

    I will also, periodically, post ‘extra chapters’. Those extras are actually reactions and thoughts of other characters, in-universe, about the events of the game (such as a historian’s opinion on some of the details of Raga’s quest or a fellow adventurer’s thoughts on his encounters with Raga during the game’s events).

    I hope they will prove to be entertaining. If any of the text on the pages is hard to read, tell me and I’ll post the text for each page’s panel underneath each page as to make it easier to read them (as I am aware that due to the pages’ greater size compared to my mini-comics, the text font may be harder to read due to automatic resizing from Photobucket).

    Chapter 1

    Splash 1

    Page 1

    Page 2

    Page 3

    Page 4

    Page 5

    End 1

    Extra 1
    Extra 1 1

    Extra 1 2

  • Penguin

    Is that your real name in the bottom?

    I imagine the potion ingredients in erlenmeyer flasks or round bottom flasks. Or maybe that’s just for meth making, not so much cheating death potions.

    I also asked Geoff if the wizard had a name… guess not, and by the end I kinda like the idea of “Sir Wizard.” I also like that he bakes cupcakes!

    This reminds me of The Oatmeal, and while I like your comics, it is always hard for me to digest a big pane/chunk of stuff. I suggest, make a web comic where you have one scene at a time and I can click through them! Easier to digest!

  • LDG

    This is soooooo goooood. Like @richtaur mentioned in the other thread, I love how you’ve expanded on the storyline. The part about the lost civilizations of Lizardmen is excellent. We may have to steal that… :)

    Keep up the awesome work!

  • Tiger Hat

    Macaronee: Nope, it isn’t. I’m not fond of using my real name as a whole unless it’s for paid creations. Generally, I prefer anonymity on the internet though when it comes to creation, I stick to a couple of persistent usernames (Zerodius, Mew Mew Psychic, and Zerophex).

    And well, the potion is a magical one ; it requires a specific number of ‘mundane’ ingredients that must then be modified and activated through magic. Keep in mind that I’ve only drawn and implied Raga making such errands for one day. Months, if not years and possibly decades, were spent perfecting this potion.

    Also, I am aware that one chapter at a time may be big for an online update. This is deliberate ; drawing and writing chapters in one shot prevent me from losing my train of thought through pages and prevent me from trying to please the fanbase too much, focusing on making an evenly well-made chapter instead.

    Geoffb: As always, I’m simply a fan extrapolating from material the team first wrote so feel free to take elements from my comic. As long as the name ‘Zerodius’ is in the credits, I will be happy.

    My plans regarding the comic is to cover the entire storyline, from the introduction all the way to the final showdown with Death in the Crypt, with an added epilogue (since the game got none right now). Chapter 1 covered the first half of the introduction in the Wizard’s Tower, the second chapter will cover the pre-Cemetary sequence and the second half of the introduction at Amberfall.

  • LDG

    so goooooood

  • Tiger Hat

    Chapter 2 is ready!
    Page 2_Title

    Page 2_1

    Page 2_2

    Page 2_3

    Page 2_4

    Page 2_5

    Page 2_6

    Page 2_End

    Extra 2
    Extra 2_1

    Extra 2_2

  • LDG

    Wow, so much to digest here! Maybe I"ll print it out and staple it together and read it like a real printed comic :D So good!

  • Holy balls. This is amazing.

  • Penguin

    Print it out then …


  • Tiger Hat

    I am glad you like my comic so much so far!

    Chapter 3 is ready!
    Page 3_title

    Page 3_1

    Page 3_2

    Page 3_3

    Page 3_4

    Page 3_5

    Page 3_End

    Extra 3
    Extra 3_1

    Extra 3_2

  • LDG

    Wow, I think this is your best one yet! The silhouette frames make it feel especially epic :)

    I think you’ve inspired me to do more work on the town and its inhabitants. For example, it would be cool if players got to see the unlockable characters (Luna, Moto, The Engineer…) starting in the town and going into the Cemetery to rescue the wizard. Even just seeing a glimpse of them at first could do a lot to incentivize players to unlock them. Loving all this story, so motivating!

    Good stuff yet again!!

  • Tiger Hat

    Chapter 4 is ready!
    Page 4_title

    Page 4_1

    Page 4_2

    Page 4_3

    Page 4_4

    Page 4_5

    Page 4_6

    Page 4_7

    Page 4_End

    Extra 4
    Extra 4_1

    Extra 4_2

  • LDG

    Oh nooooo run, Raga!

    So many great panels in this one! I especially liked the “Lizardman!” dialogue bubble inside the other goblin’s dialogue bubble, clever and funny!

    Loving the setup here, it’s fun seeing Raga overcome his anxieties :)

  • Patron

    These are bloody amazing, @Mew !!

  • Tiger Hat

    I am glad you love the setup so much! And yeah, given Raga was basically a wild animal and then a pet for his entire life, he wasn’t exactly prepared for an adventure that is insane even by experience adventurer’s standarts. Let’s just say that the journey will be taxing just as much on his mind as on his body.

    Chapter 5 ready!
    Page 5_title

    Page 5_1

    Page 5_2

    Page 5_3

    Page 5_4

    Page 5_5

    Page 5_End

    Unfortunately, did not have inspiration for an extra for this one (I do have one in mind… but I’m waiting for a later, more relevent chapter for it). Hope you enjoy the chapter!

  • Tiger Hat

    No comments on chapter 5? Okay then…

    Well, chapter 6’s ready so here goes!
    Page 6_title

    Page 6_1

    Page 6_2

    Page 6_3

    Page 6_4

    Page 6_5

    Page 6_6

    Page 6_7

    Page 6_8

    Page 6_9

    Page 6_10

    Page 6_End

    No extra this time either. Hope you will enjoy it!

  • Tiger Hat

    I half-expected Raga to die in chapter 6. Of course, that wouldn’t stop him…

  • LDG

    @Mew said:

    No comments on chapter 5?

    You pump these out amazingly fast! Need time to digest…

    These are amazing, looking forward to reading them!

  • LDG

    Fixed some bugs today, got dinner simmering… taking a break to enjoy some comics!

    the journey will be taxing just as much on his mind as on his body

    That’s a good way to think about story in games!

    I really like the way you draw owl feet :) Haha they call Raga “it” poor little guy ;) The frame with him running on all fours like a dog or cat is super cute! Wow lots of action in chapter 5. So many zombies! This one might be my favorite so far – so visual! STAMPEEEEDE

  • I like the way he drags his sword with the stalwart look on his face at the end, and him actually handing back the potion bottle.

    @richtaur said:

    Fixed some bugs today, got dinner simmering… taking a break to enjoy some comics!

    Congratulations, I still haven’t mastered simmering. My food always says bring to boil then simmer, I bring to boil then turn the heat down but it continues boiling so then I look at the expected simmering time and reduce that for each extra boiling minute, but then the simmering variable gets so low that it dips into the negative and to salvage the meal I have to simmer for negative [x] minutes at which point I’m eating this instead, ever health conscious and realising I need fruit too I garnish my meal with this. My favourite fruit is yellow.

  • Tiger Hat

    Next chapter is ready! This one took a while to write but it’s a lenghty one. I hope you will find it was worth the wait!

    So… here it comes!

    Page 7_title

    Page 7_1

    Page 7_2

    Page 7_3

    Page 7_4

    Page 7_5

    Page 7_6

    Page 7_7

    Page 7_8

    Page 7_9

    Page 7_10

    Page 7_11

    Page 7_12

    Page 7_13

    Page 7_14

    Page 7_15

    Page 7_16

    Page 7_17

    Page 7_End

    Extra 7:
    Page Extra_7_1

    Page Extra_7_2

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