Of Raga, Death, and Arenas

  • Tiger Hat

    Read in previous threads about a stage idea for the game and well, found myself with more art to share about the game. I pondered whenever to post it in one of my previous threads but since the subject’s different, figured this might be better. Besides, got a few bugs and other quirks to report now that I’ve played the game a bit more thoroughly. Be aware that this will be a large post.

    If you are killed by the Zombie Overlord while he is doing his ‘spin ball & chain around him and run around bouncing off walls’ attack or quit the game while he performing it, the sound effect of his ball & chain swinging around will loop forever. It will keep playing after continuing or on the main menu until you close the game.
    Second one is just a detail that bother me. Whenever you encounter a boss, there is a little intro animation for the boss, with its name being displayed on-screen… except for the Den of Thieves. Since the Zombie Merchant is a proper boss, why don’t he get the same ‘camera focus on boss, screen shakes while the boss’s name is displayed’ intro that the other bosses get?

    In terms of balance… the really big weak points of the game lies in the Compass, the Demon Sword, Death’s Scythe, and the Golden Axe. I must stress how utterly overpowered the Golden Axe given it is relatively unexpensive and can be obtained as early as the Cemetary if you’re lucky. The big point is that not only does it do as much damage as Fire Axe/Death Scythe but it also cause small gold pieces to drop every time you destroy an enemy or object. This is broken as this not only give you a really powerful weapon but one that also give you so much money that you no longer have to conserve money at all and can buy whatever you want ; you can go through even the Den of Thieves and do a shopping spree and still have enough to get a Blueprint in the Crypt. My suggestion is simple: reduce its attack power. Either make it as strong as a plain old normal axe or even weaker. Make it that picking it is a choice to deliberately abandon firepower in order to get more money. By extension, I’d recommend increasing its price in the shop significantly ; it should be 12500, not 7500.
    Death Scythe is a very final-ish weapon in theme but although its large size make it great, it is just too rare for its relatively puny firepower. I’d recommend either increasing its power or making it a ‘piercing’ weapon (not unlike the trident). I also think that it should have the special ability of ‘obliterating’ the monsters it kill ; enemies never produce specters if the player use this weapon to kill them. I think it would be worth it if it was that way.
    The Compass and the Dungeon Map’s prices should be switched around. The Compass is, hands down, the most useful artifact in the game as it will stop you from stumbling into boss rooms unprepared and allow you to locate, and keep track of, shops with ease. The dungeon map, although good to plan one’s run, is significantly less useful when not paired with the Compass (while the Compass is immediately useful).
    The Demon Sword, on another hand, is too weak. The big problem lies with its first upgrade ; getting a poison ability is great but its first ability (bouncing) is useless because it doesn’t benefit from the range and damage upgrades that axes do when they bounce. Considering its cost and the incredible luck required to get it to max power, the weapon could use being much stronger.

    I also realize that the game lack cursed items. In short, items that look exactly like positive ones until picked up, at which point they reveal themselves to be items you don’t want and that can only be get rid of by buying/getting a new item. Possible cursed item suggestions would be…
    Rusty Blade: Look like the Demon Sword but do 5 damage and never get better no matter your equipment.
    Plastic Knife: Look like the Triple Dagger. Identical to the Triple Dagger… except it do 1 damage.
    Squeaky Gold Axe: Don’t bounce off walls, fly slowly, low range, 5 damage.
    Cursed Boomerang of Gotya: Act like a normal Magical Boomerang… but strike the user upon bouncing back.
    Glass Plate: Look like an Ivory Plate. Set player armor to 0 regardless of equipment.
    Plague Ring: Look like an Antivenom Ring. Inflict poison on the player whenever the player is hit by anything.
    Helmet of Confusion: Look like a Leather or Steel Helmet. Player attacks go into random directions, with player input no longer mattering on attack trajectory.
    Slime Boots: Reduce speed by 50%.
    Helmet of Blindness: Look like a Steel Helmet. Greatly darken the world while alive. As a ghost, brighten it so much that it’s hard to see.
    Shirt of Frailty: Look like Leather Armor. Reduce max HP by 25 when worn.
    Poison Vial: Look like an Antidote. Poison the user when collected.
    Zombie Meat: Meat from an undead. Look like Cooked Meat. Will damage the player by 10 when collected.
    Gorgon Apple: Bitter apple that look like a normal Apple. Reduce HP by 5 when collected.
    Death’s Surprise: Look like a Cupcake. Reduce HP by 20 when collected.
    Satchel: Look like some kind of bag. When revealed, will start flashing red and then explode like a bomb. Will throw shrapnel about that will also explode like bombs when they touch something.
    Gloves of Dishonesty: Look like Ranger Handwraps. Increase shopkeepers’ prices.
    Demonic Binding: This ring look a beneficial ring. When worn, it prevent the player from resurrecting as a ghost (game over upon death). If the player is already a ghost, prevent the player from using Resurrection Circles.

    Also, some items that I think could be interesting…
    Ring of Death: Increase attack power by 30 but player instantly dies if damaged.
    Thief’s Gloves: Increase the odds of monsters dropping loot upon death.
    Mimic-b-gone (book): A book that contain information on the difference between mimics and real chests as well as the warning signs of booby trapped barrels. Display a red aura around objects housing bombs and around Mimics.
    Bone Spear: This spear act like a Hunter Spear but only inflict 5 points of damage. However, every foe defeated with it will restore 1 HP to the player.
    Eldritchikon (book): Allow the player to destroy specters when alive.
    Lucky Coin: Will make one attack do no damage to the player. Destroyed upon use. Inventory item.
    Vest of Deflection: Do not increase defense but will cause enemy attacks to do no damage 20% of the time.
    Avenger Sword: Attack power is inversely proportional to player HP (the lower the HP, the harder it strikes).
    Souldevourer: A cursed sword that thirst for the blood of the living. Starts out with 12 attack power. Every time the player clear out a room of living enemies, its power increase by 1. However, its power decrease when one pass through a room without killing anything. If its power decrease all the way to 10, it will feast upon its user, inflicting 1 damage for each room exit passed without killing anything instead of decreasing in power. Killing specters will not increase its attack power but will stop its attack power from decreasing (and from damaging its user).
    Torch: A large torch as commonly found all over the place. Light up the dungeon nicely and create a nice, large aura when throw but isn’t too effective a weapon ; 8 attack power, marginal range, slow-ish flight speed. Area of effect damage ; effective against bunched-up enemies.

    Now for some random stuff I made. Basically, extra animations for Raga. I intended to rip his idle stance and use it as a base to make extra animations but found out that the lines were blurred around the edges, leading me to believe that the game’s characters are instead drawn directly in-game through programming rather than having sprites being displayed. Still, I still drawn a couple of sketches which could act as a base for animation frames. The animations are by no mean complete and the sketches are purely to be used as a base and are by no mean consistent in proportions with either the canon appearance or even each others. Still… decided to share them anyway. Who knows, maybe it might be interesting/cute to someone?
    Raga Project
    In order…
    Top image is Raga’s standing sprite. Squashed a bit due to Photobucket’s image size limits but oh well.
    Right underneath is three ‘get hit’ poses and a generic death animation.
    Further down is an animation for Raga being blown up. Even once cleaned up, meant to go with in-game ‘gibbing’ graphics.
    The animation below is a second generic death animation.
    The one further down below is Raga dying via poison (he foams from the mouth and collapses).
    The one even further down is a death animation for fire-themed hazards.
    The animation below that is for Raga’s resurrection after triggering a Resurrection Circle as a ghost.
    The animation below that one is a ‘final death’ animation (die as a ghost).
    The animation to the down-left is a sprinting animation (to be used when Raga use the Essence of the Cheetah item). To the right is two extra poses for Raga sleeping.
    Finally, at the bottom are two extra idle animations. To the left is one of Raga panting, exhausted (for when his health meter turn yellow). The one to the right has him crying and barely able to stand (health meter red).

    Excluding this set of sketches, I’ve also decided to try and draw Raga properly, for fun.
    Ugly Raga
    … that one didn’t go too well. Ignore it.

    Raga v1
    This one, though, is much better I believe! But something’s missing…

    Raga v2
    There we go! Raga, as drawn by me. Isn’t he cuuuuute?

    Hope you liked those pics. Now, as Death currently is in the game, he is indeed an excellent boss but a bit anticlimatic as a final boss. The devs know that and he’ll be worked upon a bit. Of course, that caused my mind to go into overdrive and to think of some stuff. Said stuff also was followed by pics to go with it. No idea if any of what I thought about is any good but figured that it might, at the very least, bring inspiration or be an entertaining read so why not? So I’ll start with this one.
    Death Himself
    A sketch showing off Death Himself. I did not go fully for accuracy, instead wanting to draw something potentially neat-looking. Mostly, I inspired myself from how he looked in-game and drawn this. But of course, I drawn this to inspire myself for the other pictures…

    Namely, this.
    Death Ghost
    This is Death’s Ghost, a concept for a potential second form for the final boss. Appearance-wise, his cape and armor is ruined and ragged (from the damage he received during form 1). His skeletal form is more energy than bone now, with nothing underneath the cloak and his hands no longer connected to his body and being ghostly-like. A large halo is visible above his head also.

    Pattern-wise, I’d picture him as being similar to the first form but with some very significant edits. Instead of teleporting in front of the player, he randomly teleport around him and then throw a scythe at his direction, with said teleportations being faster-paced and his pause before firing being a lot shorter. During the ‘magic circles & scythe spreads’ phase, Death’s Ghost would summon random patterns of tombstones all over the arena that last for the duration of the attack, making a lot harder to predict where his scythes will bounce. Then, during the ‘spirals’ phase, his spirals of fireballs would be a lot faster-fired, forcing the player to squeeze through more gaps. In terms of new attacks, he’d use a new attack after the ‘spirals’ phase instead of going back to teleporting, namely teleport to the top of the room, raising a hand upward, and then leaping to the center of the room, slamming his fist into the floor and causing rocks to rain all over the room. Also, sometimes, instead of using the spirals on phase 3, he will fly to the center of the room (not teleport) and then tear the tombstones off the floor and throw them at the player one by one, at a fast pace.

    When his health meter turn red (last few hits), he teleport to the center of the room and then start shooting sycthes in random direction non-stop until he’s defeated, firing faster as his health near 0.

    This is the first idea I had and one that is on the more realistic, ‘boring’/obvious side. But I had a strange idea on the side…
    True Death sketch
    True Death
    Death, the angel of light & dark who embody the concept… although his most popular depiction is that of a robbed skeletal figure, it is truly but a shell. His true form is a reflection of whoever look at him. And as such, once the robbed skeleton that is Death’s shell crumbles under Raga’s assaults, the mass of pure divine power that is Death’s true form sprout a pair of slitted eyes, short limbs, and glare at him. As a lizard cast his eyes upon him, Death’s true form appears as a fellow lizard.

    I picture this form as a ‘true final boss’ / super boss deal, which is fought as Death Himself’s second form instead of Death’s Ghost if the player either defeat every boss in the game in one run before making it to Death Himself or if the player never used a Resurrection Circle during the entire game. Although smaller than the cloaked skeleton more commonly associated with his name, this form compensate by being a lot more agile and much, MUCH deadlier.

    His pattern is completely new ; instead of starting with a teleportation routine, he will walk around the room quickly, avoiding the player while throwing long-range red swords at him, acting a bit like a projectile-using version of the Werewolf enemy. After 10 to 30 seconds of this, True Death will use either the ‘scythe arc’ attack or a ‘dual-spiral’ attack, the former being to teleport to the top of the room, hold out his scythe above his head, and then fire height scythes horizontally and vertically, eight in all diagonal directions, and then a spread of five scythes at the player, all three fired one after another with only a short pause of less than a second between each. The later involve True Death leaping to a random spot of the arena, near the center, and then pointing forward. From his finger, two spirals from his first form will be fired simultaneously, one going clockwise, the other counter-clockwise, with True Death randomly inverting the spirals’s spinning firing pattern to fool the player. After performing either, True Death will teleport off screen and perform one of two attacks randomly. He may either fly rapidly in from one of the sides of the screen, hugging one of the wall and rapid-firing non-bouncing scythes aimed at the player while he’s on-screen or charge from off-screen with his scythe out from a random direction and try to strike the player with a melee attack. Due to large arc of his scythe slash and his high speed, the player must dodge by running so that he end up on either side of True Death (the arc is wide enough to catch a simple lateral move and True Death move too fast to dodge by backing away).

    Once True Death’s health is halved (yellow), he will change his attacks beyond the ‘walk around and throw blood swords’ one. Instead of the scythe arc/dual-spiral, True Death will teleport to the top of the screen and charge energy in both hands. Then he will slam them into one sphere, which will fly off. Beams of energy will rain all over the arena rapidly. After a few seconds of this, the sphere will fly back to True Death, who will then thrust both hands into it, firing a gargantuan beam that will damage the player unless he is standing near the left or right wall. Afterward, he will use the ‘fly in’/‘melee charge’ attack but instead of his pattern looping once it ends, he will fly in from the top of the screen, slam his fist into the floor, and screech loudly, causing pillars of bones to rise all over the arena randomly. Then he will teleport away and the pattern will loop. Each pillar will begin to fire projectiles at the player and must be destroyed ; they will remain on-screen until destroyed and will persist through True Death’s other attacks (or until True Death spawn more, at which point all current pillars will crumble on their own).

    Once his health hit 0, instead of dying immediately, any remaining bone pillars will instantly crumble and True Death will teleport to the top of the arena, becoming encased in an unpenetrable force field that block all damage. He will then fire a large amount of scythes which will fly around the edges of the arena, forming a circle. Each scythe will then fire energy balls at the center of the screen. The scythes will move faster and faster, firing faster and faster over time. After about 30 seconds, the shield around True Death will malfunction and turn off. Striking True Death will cause the attack to end (all projectiles instantly vanishing) and him to stumble backward, stunned. If the player strikes him again, or simply wait a few seconds, True Death’s eyes will cross out and he will collapse, ending the battle.

    That’s my thoughts for potential Death second forms and what not.

    Now, I heard that the devs thought of adding a new ‘endless’ mode stage or something and well, ideas came to me regarding both its theme and its content. I’m afraid that I don’t have pics for how I picture this stage being at the time but hopefully, it should prove interesting enough even just in text form.

    I picture the ‘endless’ mode as being a stage called ‘Nightmare’ that can be accessed by going to the tavern and pressing space when Raga fall asleep on the carpet. The lobby is always the same, being a Crypt tileset room sporting four exits. The south one lead back to the real world and is thus unlocked by default. The north one lead to ‘Hell Arena’. Hell Arena is basically an endless dungeon, with rooms generated as you walk through the exit and throwing obstacles from every area in the game, including the bosses. As you progress through, the difficulty rise, with more traps being generated, tougher enemies, and even facing multiple bosses at the same time (on higher levels, multiple Zombie Overlords can be encountered. Or you could have a room with Death Himself and the Sewer Hag at the same time).
    The doors to the left and right in the lobby are unlocked by beating the game.
    The right door lead to the ‘Night Terror’ area. It is a set dungeon where the player face each of the game’s bosses, one after another, including the secret area bosses and all forms of Death Himself (varying on how many are made).
    The left door lead to the ‘Onslaught Colosseum’. It is an one-room dungeon with a large, empty room using an unique ‘arena’ tileset. Waves of enemies are generated and attack the player, with a new wave being generated either after the arena is cleared or if a time limit is ellapsed (if the player is too slow to destroy the enemies). After a certain number of waves, bosses will start to be included in the enemy waves. And if the player last a really long time… enemies and bosses from the Onslaught serie may appear.

    Dying in the Nightmare result in the player’s stats being displayed as usual but the death count on the title screen will not be increased (as Raga did not truly die). The museum may or may not contain a sign that show the player’s best performance in each mode (least damage taken and fastest time for Night Terror, most rooms cleared for Hell Arena, most enemy waves survived in Onslaught Colosseum).

    Thank you for bearing with this large post. I hope it was an interesting read!

  • Tiger Hat

    Wow, you put a lot of effort into this. I agree that the golden axe is pretty overpowered, not only does it deal extra damage but the extra gold drops are a nice bonus if one is looking to acquire some of the more expensive blueprints. I don’t very much like the idea of cursed items, at least in the core game. Perhaps if they were merely available in a hardcore mode or maybe if they had advantages with the drawbacks? At the moment, the suggested cursed items would seem to lead to more frustration than fun, especially the poisoned foods.

    I agree that extra animations would be awesome and I would very much like to see them implemented, but given the state of the game–finished with a few more updates–I doubt they will be added, considering their addition might take much more effort than merely adding new levels/new weapons.

    Your drawing of Raga is cute. :)

    As for Death, a boss after him would prove interesting and provide opportunities for addition of other levels. The lizard Death stage, however, is a cool idea but might not meld well with the fact that there’s other characters than Raga, so multiple shapes of final Death might be expected.

    Aside from that, your post was indeed an interesting read.

  • LDG

    Wow, once again thanks for such interesting and thorough feedback! I’m still digesting it all, but I wanted to say a few things:

    • I’ll make tickets for the Zombie Warlord and Zombie Merchant bugs you mentioned. Thanks!
    • Agreed on Golden Axe. It’s amazingly good for the price, frequency and a relatively early drop.
    • Interesting point on Compass vs Map, I generally agree with your suggestion. Both items are pretty powerful compared to other “information” items.
    • I think we’ll take a look at the Death Scythe and Demon Sword. We’ve been talking about itemization a lot recently and I think there will be some interesting changes before Steam launch.
    • Cursed items are an excellent idea. We dipped our toes into cursed items with things like the Wooden Helm and Lead Boots/Chestplate. Both items give you a buff and a debuff (+armor, -speed in the case of Lead gear). We’d definitely like to explore this concept more. As @elite mentioned, we’ll probably trend more towards awesome items with significant downsides. My main goal with cursed items would be to make the player want to wear them in spite of their handicap.
    • That said, I do like your item suggestions! Mimic-b-gone is a great idea. I also like the Torch.
    • Thanks for sharing your artwork! Those are really fun. I especially like Raga on fire and Raga dying.
    • I like the idea of Death Himself having a second form. I think altering his pattern based upon his health would go a long way to make the fight feel better.
    • The ideas for an endless mode are good as well. I’ve always liked “Boss Rush” style modes as well.

    Again, thanks for sharing! Lots of cool ideas here. :)

  • LDG

    Wow @mew, this is just amazing! I’m also digesting it all… we’ll definitely come back to this thread once we start working on AWL again next month.

    Especially love the Raga animations, so cute! The sprites aren’t created at runtime, but my methods do result in soft edges. My process for the graphics in this game is to draw with a relatively solid, wide brush at 10x scale, then reduce size for the in-game assets. For example, Raga’s frames are 120x120 pixels, so his raw graphic files are 1200x1200 pixels. I’m happy to post more and/or larger game graphics, just LMK if there’s any you want to see.

  • Tiger Hat

    I’m glad you like my suggestions and creations alike so much! And I’d actually be honored if you shared my mini-comic on Twitter.

    And interesting to see how the sprites were created. That is actually an interesting method and explain why they retain a nice quality even when I enlarge the game window to encompass the whole screen.

    Talking of pictures… I don’t have any new suggestions to give (besides, I already gave a metric ton of them) but I do have extra creations. First off, is an improved version of the damage/death animation sketches I made, with more frames, more details, and better consistency between frames. Still nowhere near game-worthy but thought you might like them.
    Raga Project 2

    Next up are three more mini-comics. The first one is Raga’s epic confrontation with Death!
    Raga vs Death

    Not epic enough for you? More Raga versus Death!
    Raga vs Death alternate

    Moar Raga versus Death! This time, using a little twist.
    Death strikes back

    Hope you will like them as much as my first sketches! (Note: If you want to share them, feel free to do so.)

  • LDG

    These are really good and I’m completely in love <3

    The punchlines are all Raga dying, which is especially excellent because that’s what the outcome is of most game sessions :D

    We’ll be needing images for Steam achievements soon and I’d love to incorporate your stuff!

  • Tiger Hat

    I don’t think I could actually create images that would be useable right away (due to differences in style and not knowing the planned new canon achievement list) but I think it could be fun to make a few achievement-themed pictures. If anything else, could inspire you for the real pics and well, always glad to share stuff.

    For the moment being… here is one last mini-comic. This time, showing what was the real reaction of that NPC at Amberfall’s cemetary entrance upon speaking with Raga after the intro cutscene.
    Raga our hero

  • LDG

    DOOOOOOOOOOMED! Funny stuff, I’d love to work that into the game, maybe with a villager running around scared :D

    If it’s OK with you I’ll at the very least use some of these as references for promotional material and Steam achievements. I’ll continue to share these on our social channels too. I LOVE THESE!!

  • Tiger Hat

    That would be pretty cool, actually! Given Raga is not exactly adventurer material (he’s a pet…), I thought it would be funny to show the logical reaction of the villagers to Raga’s declaration that he’ll save the wizard (namely, thinking he’s nuts).

    And I’d love it if you used them as reference to create promotional material and what not. As long as you mention me in the special thanks, feel free to use any of the fanart and fan-comics I create as reference.

    Got yet another mini-comic. This time, based off the fact that Raga is a familiar…
    A hero's reward

    And now for some misc pics…
    A sketch for the whole playable cast (in its current form) and Raga and Luna meeting and agreeing to help one another.

    A wizard's lizard
    Sketches showing Raga’s life before the events of the game.

    Past and future
    And finally, to the left are sketches of Raga meeting his beta self and the original game protagonist. To the top-right are a sketch of Ghost Raga sitting by a tombstone and the bottom-right is Raga trying to fight Death.

  • LDG

    Wow, 4 more comics! Every day is like Xmas :D So good…

    I’ve been putting these up on our Tumblr, people really like them, many thanks!!

    How would you like me to credit you?

  • Tiger Hat

    I’m really, really happy you like my fanart so much and that people are reacting positively to it!

    Credit-wise, you should probably use the name I use when I create games of my own and that I use on most forums: Zerodius
    You could also use my full username (Mew Mew Psychic).

    And well, since fanart makes you happy… got yet more!

    Here are sketches of the damage poses I tried to make for Raga.
    Raga ouch

    Well… you can’t always be a winner. In Raga’s case, you don’t get to win pretty much. So… here are a few possible results to Raga’s little quest to save his master from Death!
    Oops needed these
    Maybe you shouldn’t get so close to the Dire Bat’s fireballs, silly lizard! Likewise, you should stay away from swords. And not drink toxic green sewer water that is toxic enough to come to life and jump at you.

    A hero's reward
    Raga finds out why no one ever stole from dungeon merchants and the merchant get new wares! Meanwhile, an adventurer is weirded out by a maneater.

    Note to all adventurers: Green Goblins are not your friends. Likewise, Raga get too close to a Dire Bat’s fireball again.

    Now, here is a group picture! Yaaay!
    Group picture

    Raga reacting like a normal pet and running away once his master’s gone!.. but then, after taking a good look at his collar and remembering his life with the wizard, love makes him resume his quest.
    Leave your quest test

    Some concept art for Raga pre-transformation.
    Raga original

    And finally… a mini-comic showing Raga’s transformation.

  • Patron

    Mew, your AWL fanart makes me really jealous of your drawing skills…

  • LDG

    So many amazing little touches! Like the skull as the dot in the exclamation point (!). Great idea!!

    I especially like the little firey Raga, it seems like such a natural thing for AWL to have some variations on the Raga character. Makes me think of Lilo & Stitch and all the various types of aliens…

    Hehe, you made Xam too! His boots look like Mega Man’s, excellent! Love the shop and the multi-eye Lurker too :D We might add some bosses like that soon, should be cool.

    Raga’s transformations look excellent, very lizardy! So good…!

  • Tiger Hat

    Josue: Oh? Ever tried to draw before?

    Richtaur: Thanks a lot! I think part of why I clicked with A Wizard’s Lizard so much is that Raga is not only very unconventional as a protagonist despite fitting the narrative and gameplay excellently but because, well, he is pretty fun to draw and to mess with ; his large eyes and simple-ish design make him perfectly fitting for a large range of emotions and antics. The mix of overly cartoony-like art style and the dark, gore-y theme of the setting also make it pretty easy to come up with scenes and situations for the little lizard to get in.

    I’m not sure how long my inspiration will hold out (I’ve been on quite a roll!) but well, as long as I have inspiration and enjoy drawing him, I’ll continue to share sketches and pics of him.

    Now for something a bit different from usual! To the left is what one may think upon being told of Raga. “A reptile splashed upon by an experimental potion, which turned him into an anthro lizard, who take upon Death with nothing but love, endless bravery, and a sword!” To the right… is well, what the tale actually describe.
    Raga the Hero

    “Raga took on Death’s unending hordes to save his master, fearlessly facing a challenge anyone else would have considered insane!” To the left is what people may picture this tale to be about. To the right… is well, what really happened.
    Raga vs Undead

    Hope you all find the pics funny!

  • LDG

    I’ve been on quite a roll!

    You really have! I’m so glad the character design compels you, and agreed on the contrast between cartoony and gorey. Fun times!

    Hehe love the imagery – BADASS LIZARD MAN! Well… he’s kind of tiny and cute…

  • Patron

    @Mew said:

    Josue: Oh? Ever tried to draw before?

    Yes, I have…
    Saying my efforts were a disaster is an euphemism.

  • Tiger Hat

    Oh. Well, I don’t really think I could help with that unfortunately ; I’d need to know how you draw and even then, different people draw differently. Generally, pratice and asking for advice/looking for tutorials may help.

    On my side, I actually got new art ready! But instead of random pics or mini-comics, this one is a more substantial update compared to previous posts. Wondering if I should post it in here or create a new thread for it.

  • Patron

    @Mew said:

    Generally, pratice and asking for advice/looking for tutorials may help.

    That’s the problem.
    It’s an addictive cycle: I don’t wanna practice because I don’t get good results and I don’t get good results because I don’t practice.

    On my side, I actually got new art ready! But instead of random pics or mini-comics, this one is a more substantial update compared to previous posts. Wondering if I should post it in here or create a new thread for it.

    Show it! >:)

  • Tiger Hat

    Alright, here is the update. I think it should speak for itself (and why I pondered whenever to post it in another thread).


    Splash 1

    Page 1

    Page 2

    Page 3

    Page 4

    Page 5

    End 1

  • LDG

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so gooooooooood!

    You’ve done an incredible job of filling in the blanks. We set up a small handful of story elements and you shined a line into the hidden depths. You included key moments like the rug and Death coming and the potion and the stuff and connected the dots nicely. Really amazing!!

    I’ll post these on our Tumblr in order today.

    Oh and sorry I didn’t see your private message right away. I often forget it’s a feature this forum has ;) For future reference always feel free to create a new thread for whatever you want. Especially amazing stuff like this!

  • Patron

    You really need to make it so you can favorite a post more than once.

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