Simple HTML5 Canvas Game using Pixi

  • I wanted to give Pixijs a try and thought maybe a great experiment would be to take the Simple HTML5 Game and replace the renderer. Here is the fork -

  • Tiger Hat

    Hi @mgan - afraid it didn’t work for me :(

  • @cheersphilip Bummer. Can you give me more details as to what is wrong? Any errors in your javascript console? Mac/PC? What browser? I honestly only tested it in Chrome with using webgl.

  • LDG

    Cool! Always nice to see some expansion on the simple HTML5 game tutorial. To date, it’s still one of our biggest pages in terms of traffic.

    The Pixi version worked for me! Chrome 33 / OS X

  • @geoffb Thanks for confirming it works :)

  • Why use pixi?



    start cmd.exe

    goto start


  • Patron

    @Miguel said:

    Why use pixi?

    Cuz it’s effing fast?

  • Holy cow,i tried it and it was fast.
    But it only worked for firefox version 28.0
    it didn’t in google chrome Version 34.0.1847.116 m due to security issues
    but when i used a html server it worked…
    then i added an fps counter it was like 167 fps average…
    i tried it in appjs it runs 56 fps average…
    without pixi,it runs 22 fps average…

    Awesome .



    start cmd.exe

    goto start


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