Using PlayStation controllers on Mac (Dual Shock 3 & 4) for A Wizard's Lizard

  • I thought some people might be wondering how to use a controller on a Mac so here are some tips.

    I’m using a Dual Shock 4 wireless controller (for the Play Station 4) on a Mac (Mavericks) to play A Wizard’s Lizard. I first tried a Dual Shock 3 which I bought used but upgraded because its internal battery was quite low… and the new one is frankly nicer, also has a touch pad, which I’m quite curious if it will work on the Ouya (have to research that yet).

    First of all the game is MUCH better using a controller compared to using a keyboard. I wasn’t able to get too far on the keyboard, but with the controller once you have it setup properly is brilliant.

    I researched the best controller to buy for my circumstances, which are that I have a Mac, a Windoze7 machine, and an Ouya. From what I’ve read the Play Station controller is the most compatible and works the best with all 3 (I don’t even own a Play Station).

    So you can set them up to use bluetooth, or just leave the mini-usb plugged in for wired.

    Instructions to pair with bluetooth or wired connect:

    Dual Shock 4:
    Dual Shock 3:

    Next you will need to map the keyboard keys for gameplay to the gamepad. I recommend using ControllerMate by OrderedBytes, as it gives you amazing control over exactly what you need to happen - you can find this app here:

    What you will do is map the arrow and awsd keys to the two joysticks, and the enter, space, esc, and e keys to the main buttons on the right. This will give you a nice setup for many games. With ControllerMate, you can easily create different profiles, and tweak them / switch between them as well.

    Now one important note, after mapping the joysticks with the default axis numerical ranges, they don’t work that well… you will find that movement and shooting up, down, left, and right is hard to get accurate and you end up getting diagonal values too easily. But its easy to tweak the range settings - I will post my settings here, which work wondrously … basically they are:

    Default 0-110 change to 0-90
    Default 140-255 change to 170-255.

    Here are screen shots for my setups:

    For Dual Shock 3:
    For Dual Shock 4:

    Hope that helps some people.


  • LDG

    This is great, thanks! I had someone asking about PS4 controller support a few weeks back and now I have something concrete to point them towards.

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