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  • Hey folks,

    I am really interested in this game; it looks awesome and reminds me of Legend of Zelda. I have read that it is also similar to Binding of Isaac, which concerns me. I never tried BoI because I read that is was really difficult and I don’t like games that are too difficult. For example, I didn’t like Super Meat Boy because I got stuck fairly early in the game and couldn’t progress. I guess I am not the best gamer out there. I don’t have trouble beating most games though, unless they are known for having a high level of difficulty. I am just wondering about this game; is it really hard? Does it have multiple difficulty levels?

  • @yankee_racers

    AWL becomes easier than BoI, however the start might be more difficult.
    The big difference: You actually have progression in AWL.
    You can free villagers (each will grant you starting money upon your next playthrough) and buy blueprints, which add weapons, armor or other items to your starting town.

    => Isaac is like “deal with it” , use what you get
    => Whereas AWL gives you the possibility to buy weapons, armor or other items before you start your run.

    In BoI you are at the RNG-genertor’s mercy, in AWL you can plan your run.

    So if you like the concept, AWL is a good game to begin with.
    Eventually you get better at the genre and try something more difficult afterwards :)

    Note - you don’t have to succeed after rescuing the villagers, they will be in town even if you fail.
    If you’re out of luck you can simply play the first stage a few times to get the starting gold and start with better gear.

  • LDG

    Welcome to the forum @yankee_racers!

    @geoffb and I designed AWL to be difficult, but we’ve heard from some highly skilled gamers that it’s too easy. Really depends on your skill level! @Sdric is right about the progression – AWL gets easier over time because your starting gear improves and you can unlock shortcuts.

    If you decide to buy the game and aren’t satisfied with it, email us and we’ll gladly refund your money. We want happy gamers :)

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