The townshop

  • 37,500 for a Mythril Amor which only gives 1 armor and 3% speed. Isn’t that a little bit much?
    Also 20.000 for the Scythe which is “slightly different” from the Magical Boomerang (3.825), but not really better.

    I know this is by far no priority, but seems to be a little bit off ;)

    Can we have a dropdown menu for buying (here) - please?
    It happens so often that one accidently touches a wrong piece of gear and has to restart the game :(
    A drop down menu sorted by categories (Weapon, Headgear, Breastplate, Gloves, Boots, Books, Tools) would be nice.
    It’s getting confusing once you got all blueprints.

  • LDG

    @Sdric Thanks for the report! There are so many items I think we didn’t get to spend enough time on each of their prices etc. ;) We’ll get these issues fixed in an update.

  • Thanks for the answer!
    It’s not really a problem - but it seems kinda odd :P

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