LDG Fanart!

  • Tiger Hat

    The title should be pretty self explanatory really but anyway, thought it’d be nice to start off a new topic to spread some LDG love and show off any art fans make based on LDG games.

    Personally I’ve been a fan since I stumbled across episode 1 of the podcast and have listened religiously since. However i’m one of those weird non-vocal fans who just sits and watches from a far. So to try and remedy this and to celebrate the launch of a Wizard’s Lizard I thought I’d stretch some old 3D modelling muscles and start work on a low poly 3d version of The Wizard’s Lizard, I’ll try and keep you all posted with updates as and when I get the chance to work on it!

    I Figured that I should probably just update my original post otherwise this thread could get a bit unwieldy.

    Update 01

    Update number 2! Managed to get some time this evening to join the leg and arm into the body

    Update 2

    Update 03!
    So the body, has now been attached to the head arms and legs and is looking nice, now to sculpt his tail and attach

    Update 03

    Update 04!
    Now there’s some sweet tail action going on
    Update 04

    Update 05!
    Upon @richtaur 's notes I’ve now started work on adding his collar and I’ve made his limbs shorter and his body generally a little fatter to try and emphasise that chubby cute look
    Update 05

  • LDG

    Awesome! Looking really good so far. I’ve been really interested in taking a pass at some low-poly 3D stuff. What modeling program are you using?

    Looking forward to seeing the progression :)

  • LDG

    Coooooooooooooooooooool! Make him smile :) :)

    This is great can’t wait to see more!

  • Tiger Hat

    @geoffb Glad you like it! Yeah the way you were talking about wanting to do it on the podcast gave me the inspiration. I’m using blender for this, but I’ve only recently migrated over to using it, I originally cut my teeth on Autodesk Maya.

  • Tiger Hat

    @richtaur I’ll definitely be making him smile, but that comes later in the process, as I’m planning on setting him up as a fully animatable game ready model.

  • Tiger Hat

    This post is deleted!

  • Tiger Hat

    @richtaur Hey out of interest do you have any concept art for Raga or any kinda of drawing with a little more detail on? Just because his body is looking a little bit plain and I’d like to put some more detail in

  • LDG

    So cooooooool!

    Here’s a bigger render of some of his better frames: http://i.imgur.com/flDkH7c.png

    I don’t have any concepts with more detail, but I’ll try to drum something up when I get tablet time again :)

  • Tiger Hat

    @richtaur thanks that helps, is that meant to be a collar round his neck?

    I can’t wait to see a more detailed rendering of him, it’ll help a lot with texturing him

  • LDG

    Looking great! Yes that is a collar around his belt, a purple collar with a gold medallion.

    I’ll do some sketches next week :) My only suggestion so far is to shorten those limbs! He should be a stumpy little bugger.

  • LDG

    Sorry @the_fisk I never did get around to doing Raga sketches. I’ve been overwhelmed with art work recently (I’m currently late on album art for Joshua Morse), but I wholeheartedly endorse @mew’s drawings on another thread:


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