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  • Hello, Just stumbled onto LostCast and LostDecade games. I’m a fullstack-js engineer that has been working on an indie game in nodejs and html5, so finding this podcast has me estatic. I plan on downloading and listening to them all. But I’d love some thoughts on where to get started, especially those that pertain to engineering details - game engines (phaser, etc), node-webkit, and networking issues.


  • Welcome to Lostdecadegames and LostCast!



    start cmd.exe

    goto start


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    Well, I would recommed to start on episode 16. It’s pretty fun!
    Now, about engineering episodes, try these:

  • LDG

    Welcome to the forum!

    @Josue covered a bunch of the engineering episodes already. I’ll add Episode 57 in which we talk a bit about Cloak, a node.js based multiplayer layer for games.

  • Since my original posting I’ve listened to the above list and have continued going through the archive of material. Your podcast has become my favorite now, knocking heavy weight contenders Critical Path (5by5) and Nodeup off their pedestals. Just wanted to say great job and I look forward to being a continued listener.

  • LDG

    Wow, thanks @mgan! We’re fueled by positive karma :D We’ll use the energy boost for today’s live stream!

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