Beta 2?

  • Hi!

    Just purchased the game, download it from the given link and my main menu says that it’s Beta 2 (v0.13.50 on the bottom). Isn’t that number should be 7?
    How do I update this game anyway?

  • LDG

    Hi! Welcome to the forum and thank you for purchasing A Wizard’s Lizard! WOOT!

    So it’s a little complicated due to the Kickstarter: we offered a reward for a basic preorder, as well as a separate (more expensive) reward for weekly updates.

    Since we missed our initial release target (October) we wanted to give the preorders something to play as as courtesy so we updated all preorders with a beta. We’ve been updating every week since then, but the preorders are still locked into that earlier version.

    If you want to try the latest build, please email us and we’ll hook you up!

    Thanks again, I really appreciate your support :D

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