Great episode guys (although I still have about six minutes left to listen to, so who knows… ) (jk lol)

I like your lets play videos of project skirmish, but I can see why they are not getting more views. You put your finger on it when you said that the amount of people who want to see you two play a game that may not even see the light of day is probably, well, fifty or so. Hence fifty views!

However, the amount of people who would want to hear you two talk about developing a certain game mechanic/enemy ability/environment balancing/whatever, with your prototype game as the backdrop (like with the podcast, right?), is going to be considerably more. The examples you gave about the escape goat tutorial analysis and the artist illustrate this point perfectly.

I shared a video on Twitter about some guy completing Mario World with a complicated in-game hack in six minutes - he did the same: it was voiced over a pre-recorded Twitch stream of him doing the hack, but the voiceover also gave background info about the hack, who first developed it, other similar hacks, etc. etc. so it was pretty interesting.

TL;DR - don’t call them ‘let’s play’, cos people only want that for games they know, call them ‘how to design ranged enemies’ or something better than that. Suggestions welcome.

‘Learn Decent Games: ranged enemies’ ‘no time - got to go to work!’